Canadians Are Given a Fantastic End to The Games


Day 16  was the final day of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and it was a day that saw the Canadian Men’s Hockey Team win gold with a 3-0 win over Sweden.  It was a fantastic way to close out the games for the Canadian Athletes. Canada would finish the games sitting third in the final medal standings with 10 gold medals, 10 silver and five Bronze. Russia would finish in first and Norway in second place on the medals table.

This is how Canada has fared since my last article.

Canadians Are Given a Fantastic End to The Games

Canada’s Marielle Thompson won gold and Kelsey Serwa wons silver in women’s ski cross. With this win the Canadian freestyle ski team have won an incredible nine medals, most of any country in freestyle skiing, and the most in any discipline for Canada.


Brad Jacobs and his team of Ryan Fry, E.J. Harnden and Ryan Harnden beat Great Britain’s David Murdoch 9-3 on Friday in the men’s gold medal final in Curling. It is the third straight gold medal for the Canadian men’s Olympic team, the first was won by Brad Gushue in the 2006 Turin Games, and the second by Kevin Martin in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.  Coupled with Jennifer Jones’ earlier win, Jacobs victory allowed Canada to sweep both the Men’s and Women’s curling gold, becoming the first country to win both in the same games.

Charle Cournoyer won a bronze in the men’s 500m short track speed skating for Canada.

Last, but not lest the Canadian mens hockey team won gold with a 3-0 shutout win against Sweden. Jonathan Toews, Sydney Crosby and Chris Kunitz all scored for Canada. This team scored 18 goals and only allowed 3 goals during the whole tournament, Carey Price was fantastic during the tournament and especially the last two games shutting out the United States and Sweden.

As the Olympic flame extinguishes and everyone slowly, but surely gets back to their every day routine, we can look back at these Olympics with great memories. Before the games started there were many concerns about the safety of the Athletes, their families and friends; as well as all the tourists and fans that were about to come to Russia for the games. There was the harsh criticism on the Olympic village, the media buildings and the hotel rooms, but once the Athletes began to play the focus was on them and nothing else.

The great Canadian Sportscaster Brian Williams always reiterates about how the Olympic games are about the Athletes and the games they compete in. He isn’t wrong and focusing on the negatives and verbally attacking Russia about an Olympic Ring not working among other things takes away from the people who are competing in the games. Luckily the focus of the last two weeks has been on all the athletes. The end result was a nation like Canada coming together as always and cheering on every Canadian Athlete that wore the Maple Leaf loudly and proudly. We enjoyed every moment of it.

When the Olympics come around, we get to see and learn about new people who have a great future in sports like Kaetlyn Osmond in figure skating, or we get to see Kaillie Humphries and Heather Moyes defend their Olympic Gold title. We get to see Hayley Wickenheiser, arguably one of the greatest hockey players win one more gold medal. We get to see all the work the late Sarah Burke did for the Winter Olympics.  In all we get to see many great moments these events have to share.

The Olympics in my mind are one of the greatest sporting events around. It has people from all over the world get together and enjoy the experiences had by all and as for us in Canada we get to show our true colors and cheer on some great athletes. As they all make their way back to Canada I hope all our Olympic participants get a warm welcome that they deserve whether they won, or lost, they gave it their all and we could be more proud of them and to be Canadian, until next time, Go Canada Go.

How will you remember these Olympics, let us know in the comment section below.

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