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Last week, put out an article Who is the Most Hated Team in the NHL, which was followed up with yesterday’s Who is the Most Hated Team in the NFL.  Today we move on to baseball. When faced with the question of which team in Major Leauge Baseball is the most hated, I found the idea of choosing just one team in particular to be daunting. It is a difficult question to determine a definitive answer for, but if you’re an avid baseball fan, perhaps the answer to this question might pop into your head immediately.  So, who is the most hated team in baseball?

We have taken six teams that could be considered ‘hated’ in different ways: New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, St. Louis Cardinals, New York Mets, Miami Marlins, and the Los Angeles Dodgers. In order to determine why these teams could be hated, let’s break them individually in order to crown a champion.

The “champion” won’t be just based on my opinion.  Oh no, here is where you the reader can help us out.  Vote for who you believe is the most hated team in baseball.  Think its one of the other 24 teams?  Include that team in the comments.  Also, be sure to leave a comment on why you voted how you did, and we will compile the best responses in our future Most Hated Teams in Sports results article.


New York Yankees 

One of the most universally known sports franchises is the Yankees. Being around for over 100 years and in the United States’ biggest city gives you plenty of time to grow a large fan base, while simultaneously growing a strong hate-group. It’s actually pretty easy to determine why the Yankees are hated: they have won a ridiculous amount of championships (27), and with all the winning comes all the gloating and with all the gloating comes all the people who are sick of hearing it.  The only North American team that rivals them in championships is the Montreal Canadiens, arguably a team equally as disliked by hockey fans.

The team perennially spends a great deal of money on players and, since MLB does not have a hard salary cap, the off-season is owned by teams who are in big markets, with the Yankees often at the center of it. They seem to be in on every big free agent and over the last twenty years have landed many of them. Taking the role as the “bully on the block” is a reason to be hated. Whether it’s the history, the money, or the fans, if you’re a Yankee fan you love them and if you’re anything else, you usually hate them.


Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox just won the 2013 World Series, which automatically puts a target on your back. Armed with their thick beards and loaded bats, they beat another team on this list for their eight World Series championship. Boston is always a city with passionate sports fans, which sometimes warrants hatred. The Red Sox have the potential to be the most hated team due to a lot of the Yankee fan base voting for them.

Due to overall success in the past ten or so years, it can grow a hatred for the club. The quick turn around the Bosox have made is incredible, from Bobby Valentine managing the team to a World Series the next year, it was quite impressive, and gives hope to some other teams in a similar situation. Speaking of that manager change, the whole John Farrell/Toronto situation may give rise to plenty of hate north of the border.

Overall, the team’s rich history and recent success put them on this list.


St. Louis Cardinals

I am not a Cardinals fan, but I admire how the team is run. The team doesn’t spend the most money in the league (though they do usually appear in the top 10) but they also draft well and seem to make the most of the money they do spend. The Cards have won consistently now for years, and when your city is dubbed as the “best city in baseball”, you’re bound to have haters. This is another team with a rich history of winning, and a recent appearance in the World Series and it can be cause to dislike them. Also, many Angels fans may vote for them due to the whole Albert Pujols contract.

St. Louis also seems to be self-appointed as the best fans in baseball, something that other fans may take issue with.  Putting yourself on this pedestal can certainly inspire hate.  Add in a controversial “infield fly” against the Braves in the 2012 post-season, along with healthy rivalries with the Reds, Pirates, Cubs, and Brewers and they may see some votes in our poll.


New York Mets

The Mets have been around for over 50 years, and it’s tough not to put them on this list. Being a team in New York and their recent actions in not spending enough money to keep the team competitive could be a cause for votes, and many people tend to mock the team for recent fumbles when it actually comes to signing the right players (Jason Bay, Johan Santana). And though they are armed with a big fan base, this team could be hit with a big amount of votes from many Yankee and Red Sox fans. (see the 1986 World Series)


Miami Marlins

The Marlins are a team to be hated for a few reasons. One, the owner/management has been atrocious for years. Dealing out huge contracts to the likes of Jose Reyes and Mark Burhele after the teams new stadium was built was a sign of hope the team could thrive in Florida, became an utter failure as the team dealt them to Toronto a year into their respective contracts. With two World Series in the books, it still doesn’t feel like the team has a great history. The fact that they had major fire sales after both of those wins seems to be an issue as well.  They’re a team that’s easy to hate on, and their uniforms don’t exactly help.

Any hate here is hate almost exclusively for Jeffrey Loria, and if there is anyone left in “Expos Nation” they’ll have some votes to cast in his direction.


Los Angeles Dodgers

The recent spending spree the Dodgers went on due to new ownership propelled them to a very successful season. This team can garner votes by simply having the highest payroll in baseball. Many Oakland A’s and San Fransico Giants fans will vote for this team, and both with sizable fan bases. Although they haven’t won the World Series recently, the team does have a storied past with a great history. If there are any older folk who are still bitter about the move from Brooklyn, then these votes are heading here as well.


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