Evander Kane Pretends to be Arrested in New York


The Winnipeg Jets are in New York City ahead of their Monday game with the New York Rangers, and star winger Evander Kane played a little prank on his fans with the following picture on his instagram account, showing him being arrested by New York’s finest.

Its an extra bit of personality from the Jets star, who left last nights game with a lower body injury. I’m sure that Jets fans hope he is sufficiently recovered to play in Monday’s game.

I’m sure there will be plenty of critics of Kane, just like when he posted the pic of the “money phone” but I personally find this stuff funny. The guy is allowed to have some fun off the ice and no one was hurt in the incident, or with in the previous one.  I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying your weekend in the big city, and clearly the police officer involved didn’t mind being in on the action either.

If Kane was doing this on game day, or when he should be taking care of some kind of hockey related matters, then I’d be the first to criticize.  But not in this case.  The Jets don’t play again until Monday, and its not like posing for pictures is going to do anything to re-aggravate that lower body injury.

Of course, that Miami Heat hat might be an act that some will say is a real crime (especially those in Indiana, or Cleveland), but we’ll give him a pass on this one.  I mean he was in New York City, no self-respecting person would wear either a Knicks or Brooklyn Nets hat this season.


Also on this road trip, the Jets practiced in New York’s Central Park today, spending about 60 minutes of time on Lasker Ice Rink, an outdoor rink in the north part of the park.  It would appear that Claude Noel and the Jets staff were already making things a fun day for the players as they continue their six-game road trip.  The Jets are 2-1 on the trip after falling to the Philadelphia Flyers on Friday.


Kane has 7 goals and 14 points for the Jets this season.


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