Boston Red Sox Win the 2013 World Series


I need to say this now, or I won’t be able to: congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on winning the 2013 World Series Championship. The Sox beat the St Louis Cardinals 4 games to 2, and the World Series MVP was David Ortiz. The Red Sox have now won three World Series in nine years; two of those wins against the St Louis Cardinals

This was a unique World Series. At one point the Cardinals did lead 2-1 off that weird obstruction call in the bottom of the ninth, but the Sox rallied around Big Papi, and the speech he gave in game four, and the team never looked back.

It’s amazing how a team that had to sit Mike Napoli because of the lack of Designated Hitter position in St Louis, did so well. Especially with the cold bats they had in some games. The Red Sox managed to get key hits from players like Ortiz and Jonny Gomes in game 4 and the great pitching from their starters like John Lackey and John Lester. David Ortiz was an obvious candidate for the World Series MVP. He was on fire during the whole series, he had a 688 AVG, 7 runs scored, 11 hits, 2 Homeruns, 6 RBIs and 8 walks. Not bad for one of the best MLB Designated Hitters.

This game had its feel good stories too. Ryan Dempster and Jake Peavy got to win their first World Series, much to the chagrin (what a great word) of the Blue Jays. Let us not forget it is also the first time in 95 years the Sox won the championship at home.

On the other side the St Louis Cardinals just couldn’t figure out the Red Sox pitching on most nights. The Cards scored five runs in game 3, and never managed to achieve more in any other game. Their pitching wasn’t as dominant as it had been in the NLCS, or the NLDS. Michael Wacha was the only starter who earned a win, but his ERA was a 7.45. Adam Wainwright went 0-2 and Lance Lynn went 0-1. Matt Holiday was one of the best batters, Carlos Beltran was injured and David Freese was invisible the whole time.

I don’t expect the Cardinals to be the same next year. If anything I see them playing a much improved game. They have fantastic pitching, which although it is very young, will use this experience to get better. They have a good coach in Mike Matheney. They don’t need to do anything to their batting situation, although an upgrade won’t hurt. To be honest I expect to see both teams in the playoff hunt next year, but that’s next year. For now the Red Sox will have a parade and celebrate their new champions for the whole winter.

This World Series showcased two of the best teams in past 10 years, and the Red Sox made the argument that they have been the best. Even better than (dare I say) the Yankees? That is another topic for another day. For now the focus will be on the award winners, and the winter meetings with the free agent. When the market commences, all 29 teams will retool so they can attempt to be the best team of 2014.

Once again congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on the win. Oh and Happy Halloween everyone! Don’t worry non Red Sox fans we only have about 114 days until the catchers and pitchers report.


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