ESPN Breaking Basic Journalism Rules On Johnny Manziel?


The recent allegations from ESPN of more autograph signings by Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel point to an alarming trend. The “World Wide Leader In Sports” is focusing all of its resources on Manziel, and ignoring the other star athletes in college who have similar numbers of signed memorabilia available online.

ESPN’s focus on Manziel indicates either a surprising lack of effort by their investigative journalists, or a bias against Manziel and Texas A&M. There is simply no easy way to explain the sports channel’s motives, nor the inconsistencies in the story.

When ESPN started this story the narrative was that Manziel had accepted a “five-figure” sum to sign autographs. A day later the sum of money changed to $7,500 from the original report of “five-figures.”

ESPN has no record of money changing hands. All they have are statements from “sources” that they gave Manziel money for his signatures. Joe Schad has allegedly seen video of Manziel signing memorabilia, but cannot provide the video for anyone else to see.  The broker interpreted what Manziel said on the video as it was not readily apparent from Schad listening to it. Supposedly Manziel said he needed the $7,500 so he could buy rims for his car. This all allegedly occurred on January 11th and 12th of this year.

A picture of Manziel driving his Mercedes was posted on a premium board of Texas A&M fan site The picture was taken on March 13th and shows Manziel’s vehicle with stock rims on it.

So there is no actual proof that Manziel took money, except the statement from a source that refuses to cooperate with anyone, that Manziel wanted money to buy rims for his car. There is proof that two months after this alleged transaction that Manziel still had not bought rims for his vehicle.

Schad and Darren Rovelle are doing most of the investigative reporting on Manziel. So far they have been unable to come up with a single “source” who will cooperate with the NCAA.

Drew Tieman was named in the “Outside The Lines” report that broke the investigation story on Manziel. He was the one who said that Manziel was paid a “five-figure sum.” Tieman has multiple arrests on his record including drug dealing, and has spent time in prison.

It is hard to take any investigation seriously that is based on the word of a drug dealer. Evidently that is all ESPN needs to make a story.

Since it has become apparent that ESPN cannot find any proof of Manziel receiving money, they have concentrated on the fact that Manziel has signed such a large number of items. Their argument is that he signed a large number of items that have been submitted to authenticators like JSA in sequential order.

That is usually an indication of a large-scale signing, the kind done by an athlete for money. The problem is that a simply search of eBay reveals large lots of items like Manziels, that are signed by other college stars such as Jadeveon Clowney, Braxton Miller and Teddy Bridgewater.

Why is ESPN concentrating on Manziel instead of reporting on the large number of star athletes in college football who have these huge lots of autographed items for sale online? If these large lots of sequentially ordered autographed items are evidence that Manziel was compensated, then why aren’t they proof that Clowney, Miller and Bridgewater were compensated as well?

When news of their athletes having large lots of autographs on the market came to light, South Carolina, Ohio State and Louisville issued statements that their athletes had been investigated and were clear.

Texas A&M responded to similar allegations about Manziel in March, yet evidently this is not good enough for ESPN. For some reason ESPN has decided to accept the word of the athletic departments at South Carolina, Ohio State and Louisville, but not Texas A&M.

ESPN’s motivations on this matter are unknown. What is known is that they have seemingly ignored a larger story involving multiple Heisman Trophy candidates with autographs for sale online, in order to focus on Manziel.

They are relying on sources of questionable character and reporters who have proven to be gullible in the past. They have refused to do even basic investigations into the backgrounds of these dealers in order to find out why they might be motivated to hurt Manziel.

All of this to expose an investigation that has evidently not even started yet. Texas A&M has not received a notice of inquiry yet. That is the first step in an NCAA investigation.

So you have ESPN reporting on an investigation that has not started, and their evidence of wrongdoing are statements by a bunch of people who will not go on camera or identify themselves, except the one who served time in prison for drug dealing.

No one can say for certain why ESPN is breaking basic rules of journalism in order to keep Manziel’s name in the news cycle. It will be interesting to see where this story leads and how Rovelle and Schad come out at the end of this.


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  1. OUTSTANDING WORK!!!! It’s about time the media catches onto the pile driving agenda of ESPN against Johnny. Zero evidence – shady statements from brokers who all were hurt by Johnny licensing his name and sending C&D to scrupulous opportunists!

    One last point Mike – good luck finding the formal letter from the NCAA stating they are investigating, or even inquiring formally or informally, Johnny and this issue – you won’t find it. Why? Cuz there isn’t one!

    ESPN’s Rovell and Schad need to be put out to pasture and stopped from such irresponsible journalism. Such ashame that ESPN allows this witch hunt without a single shred of evidence!

    • One last point, Texaggie… – good luck finding a video of Joe Schadd and Rovell ACTUALLY writing these articles!

      Unless you prove to me that Darren Rovell and ESPN wrote these “outside the lines” reports, I will not believe you.

      Show me proof! Actual PROOF that ESPN wrote these articles. Just because someone put it on a website, wrote their name on it, and promoted it, doesn’t make it TRUE.

      Shame on you for attacking ESPN without having a lick of PROOF!

      • the comment about no proof that ESPN reporters actually wrote these stories, ESPN hasn’t sent out any retractions or apologies siting that someone reported them as the source of these allegations falsely. Any major network, company or form of media would not allow a story to run under them if it was false without some sort of statement. Just saying.

      • Also, the comment about no proof that ESPN reporters actually wrote these stories, ESPN hasn’t sent out any retractions or apologies siting that someone reported them as the source of these allegations falsely. Any major network, company or form of media would not allow a story to run under them if it was false without some sort of statement. Just saying

      • Wow. That may be the biggest waste of time comment in the history of this great nation. I know I am stupider for having read it, but I can’t imagine the tiny brain that puked it up. Was it supposed to be an analogy? Whatever, I don’t care, the person is a drooling moron.

        • Funny. Non-Aggies feel the same way about this ridiculous article and every argument made by Aggy fans.

          I believe the “ironic” post above, albeit poorly written, was pointing this out.

          The “proof” argument is just plain ridiculous. Aggies just fail to realize this.

          • But the burden of proof lies on those making accusations. And we should hold the media to a higher standard than people talking at the water cooler.

            “There’s a lot of Manziel stuff on eBay, I wonder if he’s being paid for it,” is a LOT different from, “according to sources who refuse to give their names or comply with any investigations say that they gave Manziel money.” Journalistic integrity dictates that you have multiple, verifiable sources before hitting the presses, especially with investigative journalism.

          • Not an Aggie but I feel like they attack that young man more than they should.. Why do they have to keep throwing him under the bus.. I feel like if he scratches his *** we will know about it from the media. Seriously I’m tired of hearing about all his drama isn’t there anything better to report on??

      • Um, the evidence is all the appearances he has made on ESPN shows saying he did it. Also the bylines claiming credit. Duh! Thanks for the evening laugh though!

        • WHAT appearances, Marc? Can you provide proof of that? When you do, I might take you seriously. But until then, you’re just talking out of your ***, IMO.

      • All this article proves is that Johnny doesn’t tell Daddy everything.
        If there is anyone here who would not say the exact same things to defend their son…EVEN if they knew it was all true and would potentially harm his career…please raise your hand.
        It doesn’t matter that I can’t see them, there wont be any. Not any honest ones anyway.
        I would do just as his father did, then practically kill him when the reporters weren’t around.
        Hey, if a high priced lawyer can get you off the hook, it’s OBVIOUSLY legal.

    • I feel sorry for JFF!!! ESPN is a joke. But A&M should’ve known what they were getting in to when they joined the SEC. Looks to me like ESPN is trying to protect the old powerhouses of the SEC. Why else would this continue on? The only people reporting JUNK on JFF is ESPN. When they leave it alone then it dies or never starts. But we all have let ESPN grow into what they are today. I personally am not an aggie fan but I hope they go undefeated in ESPNs special little conference!

  2. …..and all of this from the same company who owns the “Longhorn Network”….so to say they lack journalistic integrity is an understatement!

  3. Rovelle should be fired…or demoted to covering Peewee League football or T-Ball! With journalists like him, ESPN is becoming the “Tabloids” of sports reporting!

  4. You don’t even touch on the elephant in the room (not meant to be a Tide reference). He supposedly signed 4400+ things in 3 or 4 sessions. Authenticators and these shady witnesses say these all have nearly ‘identical’ signatures. I invite anyone to take a ream of paper, sign your name along with a #2 and Heisman ’12 below it on each page, flip the ream over and do it again. Your hand will fall off. Your signature will become illegible after 200. This exercise wouldn’t even cover a quarter of these reported signatures. A much simpler explanation is that most of these are forgeries and the autograph dealers are trying to explain how they have so much product without the whole thing blowing up in their faces. You can find auto-pens online that not only have variable pressure, but even sign on curved surfaces these days. I don’t doubt that Johnny Manziel signed some autographs and that there are some pictures or video of him doing so, but the numbers suggested defy credulity. When perhaps the actual number is possibly no more than a few hundred, the whole story of him accepting money for them also weakens considerably.

    • There is a huge difference between other athletes’ signed items and this case. There are a few hundred items with Clowney’s signature on ebay right now. If you look through them, different colored inks, and a multitude of different items. Meaning, he didn’t sit down and sign hundreds of things at once, at least it is not obvious that he did.

      But the other glaring difference is that they have very reputable autograph companies that have come out and authenticated JM’s signatures on hundreds of the items. I don’t see where any of the other athletes’ had hundreds of signatures authenticated. These companies would know if it was an autopen doing the signatures, it is what they do for a living.

      Then, the author questions the one source because of his shady past, but neglect that JM and his family have a pretty shady past. JM had a bad reputation nationally before this due to all of his other off the field activities.

      I have no affiliation with the school or with any of their rivals. This article is clearly skewed in one direction, ESPN is clearly skewed in the other direction, so I would guess the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Frankly, I am surprised that loyal Aggies would defend JM, as he doesn’t fit the mold of Aggies that I know (people with pride in their school and good moral character).

      I believe that he probably did sign stuff (and logic tells me if he did in those quantities, it was for money), but I think proving it won’t be easy. So he signed, these dealers were happy, selling their stuff on ebay, making profits. Then the Manziel family created J2Man and stopped all the sales on ebay of the stuff. So the people that he signed for got pissed off because they can’t make their money and went to ESPN.

  5. Oh come on, everyone knows Manziel is guilty. He broke the rules. Period. He is not a good role model for young kids. He needs to learn that his bad choices have consequences. ESPN is only reporting the truth.
    Leave to the ****** to say it’s a lie.

    • Did that last little quip make you feel better? If kids are looking up to athletes (collegiate or professional) as role models, then we are all screwed.

    • I find it pretty funny how somebody who speaks to somebody not being a good role model also uses the term “******.” Have we not matured enough to drop a nickname that not only is immature but also discriminatory to a large population of the country. Obviously my comment is not about football but it is about being mature and respectful, both of which you have failed at.

      • My confusion to a few responding to this “Holly” is why do you assume that it is a Longhorn? Could it be possibly that there are more people that hate on Manziel other than the Longhorns or is your perception so narrow that you can only identify with “Oh it must be those T-sips again!” people like you are pathetic in jumping to conclusions before knowing anything else.

          • Maybe they are just t-shirt fans…. I would hope anyone with a college degree wouldn’t be so ignorant. I doubt she is a true Texas-Ex, that would be giving her some credit.

        • This is really great stuff. “We all know Johnny’s guilty because ESPN says so”. But “people like you are pathetic in jumping to conclusions before knowing anything else”.

          • You missed the comma – it’s “so-called aggies”. But thank you for saving me some time in proving my point.

    • Leave it to a t-sip to ignore all the evidence in the article and just leave a 3rd grade level response.

      Keep Austin weird, b****

    • Holly, you obviously do not practice what you preach if you are using such a derogatory term. If you have children or when you do, I hope you do not use such a hateful word around them. Instead of being concerned about an athlete being a good role model, parents should be one at home and tossing in your classless sign off is something little eyes and ears shouldn’t hear or see. Please do our future generations a favor and stop using such tasteless language. It’s 2013, join us in this decade. It might also help people take you more seriously if you can make more intelligent rebuttals when expressing your opinion.

    • sure sound like a holly i know from lsu, is your last name bynum? like any player at lsu is worth a flower covered turd in terms of character and being a good role model.

      • Thanks for showing me this article Zach. And no, it was not me. I don’t use that word nor would I ever publish it somewhere. Her post makes me embarrassed to have the same first name!!! But thanks Zach Stewart for thinking of me… And can’t wait to see you in Baton Rouge

    • A lie? There is no factuality. Until there is substantial evidence that he did do this, he is innocent. I am an aggie and do I think that he has always done the right thing? No, but I have met the guy and he is nothing but nice to anyone around him. Bringing up the bar fight, he made a mistake, he knows that, it was also before he became as big of a deal as he is now, it was before football practices and last season, let it go. I have seen and met some really awesome people whom have made mistakes in their lives but that doesn’t make them a bad person. I am not saying that he didn’t do this, I am just saying that so far, there is no proof.

    • Holly sold me weed. I know it was her!! All it takes these days is someone saying it for it to be true!! I have no proof of it, but it was her!!! There is as much proof of Johnny signing for money as there is Holly being a POT dealer!!

  6. Mike,
    The only thing that I’d argue is that ESPN actually did uncover a motive. They reported early on that these vendors were furious with Manziel’s attorney trademarking his name and thus shutting down their e-bay priveleges for two weeks. They have wanted to “hurt” Johnny after that occurrence.

      • Well there you go. If that was Feldman, then ESPN has been absolutely pathetic all around. That quote from the “broker” should have been included in every report thereafter IMO.

    • Actually, I think ESPN has a done a horrible job of covering motive, or they are hiding it altogether. Brian Gray of Leaf Sports has to be questioned. He was using Manziel autographs on an “original art” card and an article was written concerning the legality of the cards earlier in the year. Guess who wrote that article: Rovell and ESPN. In the past, such stars as Andrew Luck have asked Gray to cease and desist and he has counter sued. If the Manziel’s served Gray with a cease and desist, Gray has a motive to sling mud. He would know brokers from the industry and likely used them to obtain Johnny autographs. Guy is bottom of the barrel when it comes to exploiting amateurs, and guess what, he went to UT-Dallas and his favorite players are Vince Young and Kevin Durant. This ain’t rocket science. Guess big brother got jealous.

      • Basically, Gray was xeroxing Johnny’s sig on his “art work” and then screams first amendment protection. Ridiculous these guys can get away with this crap and then be viewed as a credible source. Amazing and pathetic.

      • Don’t call them “big” brother unless you are talking about ego. A&M is the older university and the largest (US News 39,867 to 38,437).

  7. This is the most comprehensive, succinct, correct summarization of this whole situation that I’ve read, and I’ve read every word that has come out on this. This needs to be retweeted & spread until it becomes part of the national narrative on this situation and ESPN, Rovell, & Schad need to be held accountable by the journalism / media community.

  8. Thank you for writing this. I’ve read everything I can find on these autograph signings and this is one of the best pieces yet. Logical, progressive build of arguments to make a clear point. Thank you.

  9. I’m STUNNED a graduate of Texas A&M wrote this article…… yet this article is about “journalistic integrity”


  10. How does this guy have a job? Stupid article. Manziel is the one causing the media attention, and it is not just ESPN. Hopefully, justice is served and he loses his eligibility. If not, the lawsuits are on. Fans are tired of the ncaa and all the inaccuracies.

  11. LOL you poor sad butt hurt *** aggies. Always making an *** outta yourself. Its no wonder everyone in college football laughs and makes jokes about your lame inbred hick *** school. Sad desperate morons. go figure the autor of this article is a butt hurt butt lickin aggie himself. lol morons

    • I can’t get past the fact that he couldn’t even spell A&M right in his name. I guess you didn’t get those free 400 points on the SAT.

    • Alot of swearing and name calling. A&M leaving for the SEC really did a number on you didn’t it. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Dodds is having the same problems, even resorting to calling in some old journalist friends to stir things up.
      To bad you don’t know anyone.

    • This post screams, “I am uneducated”. “I could never get into a school like A&M, but I will sure post negative comments about it”.
      I know children under the age of three that can use better spelling and capitalization.

  12. That is typical aggie garbage. Why don’t you let us know how much the other guys signed……I bet it’s not close to 4400.

    Aggie fans are the most delusional fans.

  13. Butthurt tsips galore here. Threaten their “empire” and they get snarky. Go back to LHN to see taco tasting and a documentary about the moonwalk

  14. ESPN did not change the narrative from 5 figures to $7,500. Those were two different brokers. So it is one reported deal for 5 figures and one for $7,500. And with two other brokers we have no idea how much cash Johnny Hancock accepted.

    • We also have no quotes from the actual brokers or evidence of money exchanging hands other than the beacons of integrity named Schad and Rovell.

  15. I have to agree with the emphasis in this article on journalistic integrity and disclosure of journalistic biases.

    Sooo where’d you attend college again, Mike? Somehow I missed that in your article.

    • Mike Taglienti’s Bio is readily available and there are links to it in the article and on the site…. you can find it pretty easily.

      I don’t think he is trying to hide anything here.

      • Forgive me if I can’t give too much credit to a reporter who has a bio containing the abbreviation “t.u.”

        I know plenty of Aggies. Only the drooling nut squeezing types use “t.u.”

        I am also quite familiar with the butthurt idiocy this writer has spewed on the internet since the old Austin 360 boards. His brother was an idiot too.

      • I should not have to go do research about the author. Particularly one who is pontificating about the journalistic integrity of others as if he is a neutral observer. And particularly when the author is a graduate and supporter of the University at issue in the piece — where he is attacking the integrity and neutrality of others . . . see the irony here?

        • Can you tell me another site that puts the author’s background directly inside every single one of an author’s articles?

          Does Darren Rovelle tell you where he got his degree in every one of his articles? No, of course not.

          The information and bio is readily available and nothing is being hidden. That doesn’t mean we need to add Mike’s resume every time he publishes a piece. That would be lunacy.

          • I can tell you that I have seen . . . many many times . . . the author disclose (even in one sentence or as a parenthetical) that he has an affiliation with a particular school or institution when he is defending it in a particular piece–not every article but in a specific piece. And again, particularly when he is attacking the integrity of others.

            If this piece were about Baylor, then of course it wouldnt matter and you know that it wouldnt. Which is why your Rovelle example is not helpful. Nor is the “post his resume in EVERY piece” argument at all relevant.

  16. I don’t even care that it’s about Manziel. What I do care about is the arbitrary nature of scumbag organizations like ESPN, who might as well be taking orders from the NCAA on what to report, and how to report it. Like the NCAA, ESPN is a complete fraud, and is no better than the mafia in the way they play their extortion and racketeering game at the expense of star college athletes who are too young and too dumb to realize that they are being played by a bunch of parasite scumbags with no scruples whatsoever.

  17. It’s a little ironic that an article about journalistic integrity is guilty of omitting facts. Manziel had 20 times the amount of autographed material on ebay compared to Teddy Bridgewater, Jadaveon Clowney, or Braxton Miller (until ebay removed all the listings). That’s no accident.

    • 20 times? Really? If you’re going to throw out stats like that, why not back them up with facts?

      Also, isn’t it expected that there is going to be more stuff from the Heisman winner, than those who really haven’t won a major award?

    • Prove that statement! If you can’t prove it and you throw out some blatantly obvious bs number, your’e no better than than Rovell and Schad.

  18. A quick reminder to all, we accept and encourage healthy debate on all of our articles. We do ask those who comment to keep things clean and relevant though.

    Those that aren’t will either be editted to make them PG-13 or deleted entirely.

  19. Concerning all of the nastiness from other college fans – take note of this article, regardless of who the author is. Open your eyes and realize this just as easily can happen to any school or athlete out there that ESPN decides to have it in for. If fans were smart, we’d stop bickering and name calling on stuff like this and send a freaking message to ESPN that we ALL won’t put up with it.

    Wake up! Who’s next?

    • Hahah, you’re the one whose quarterback is inevitably going to be ruled ineligible. And what will your fanbase do? Don the tinfoil hats and claim people have agendas against them; claim signatures are forged; claim big bad UT-Austin is working very hard behind the scenes to orchestrate such a collapse? All of this, in the national spotlight, leads to widespread exhaustion amongst the public. Suddenly people begin to dislike the conservative school in Texas and their rabidly delusional fanbase.

      The most impressive thing about this is the contrast with Myck Kabongo’s suspension last year. This is old money versus new money, institutional integrity versus a $450m impulse buy hanging over one’s head. Myck was ruled ineligible by the university the second he went under review; A&M has bills to pay and lacks the integrity to enforce simple, intuitional NCAA rules in the first place, so they for the oncoming siege instead of suspend Johnny.

      • But where is the PROOF?!

        It is crazy to think that a well-off oil family has their son taking payment for signatures. Show me PROOF!

        Throwing out accusations without evidence is slanderous and unsubstantiated.

        We all know the sips are working with ESPN to trash the A&M brand. Even a child could figure that one out. I don’t have proof of this, but I am willing to bet my life on it.

        • Your first point: read the Deadspin writeup on Manziel’s family history. It’s both engrossing long form journalism and gives the information that, basically, his immediate family is middle class with likely very very little oil money dribbling down to Paul Manziel. He commutes to his 9-5 job on Sunday and then comes home Friday night, 3 hour drive both ways. It’s a 6-figure job in all likelihood but why would someone with courtside cash put up with it?


          2nd point: NCAA doesn’t need “proof” in that form to suspend him. They often work on circumstantial evidence.

          3rd point: Slander and libel is very very very hard to prove in an American court. This is why a lot of celebrities move to London, where it’s much easier to prove slander/libel and receive damages. I say this so that hopefully someone will read it, do their own research, and then stop putting forth “Johnny’s rich family needs to sue ESPN.” This could never happen, given the difficulty of proving it and the legal team ESPN has at its disposal.

          4th point: Funny you put forth your certainty yet have no “proof” of your own. ESPN operates on ratings/clicks. If people watch Manziel stories on SC and read Manziel stories on it’s easy for them to assume they’re hitting the mark and then continue to cover him. Then there’s the journalistic aspect of it: first to report the ongoing investigation and downfall of a massive college football star wins the race.

          Anyway, *my* point is A) the contrast between A&M and UT-Austin, and B) many are developing a distaste for the Texags method of “conspiracy first, responsibility later.” He messed up. It’s time to own the responsibility. You don’t want to miff the other SEC fan bases. We’ve all seen a rogue ‘Bama fan go crazy.

  20. Poor journalism IN THIS ARTICLE: “When ESPN started this story the narrative was that Manziel had accepted a “five-figure” sum to sign autographs. A day later the sum of money was changed to 7,500 from the original report of “five-figures.”- ESPN first quoted on the five figure signing session at the National Championship then a week later a second session came to light that a broker said he paid $7500 for. The total is now up to six signing sessions for Manzel. But I’m sure he’s signing 1500 items out of the goodness of his heart. Doesn’t past the smell test.

    • We also have 6 sessions with brokers that refuse to talk to the NCAA or anybody other than Rovell/Schad. That smells pretty crappy as well. All this talk of “brokers” and “sessions”, but nobody outside of Rovell or Schad has knowledge of them.

  21. There are about 20 Duke lacross players that would like to have a word with those who feel ‘sources’ don’t have motivation to lie.

  22. Leave Johnny alone! He’s just a “kid” with so much being thrown at him at one time. Doesn’t ESPN realize they aren’t helping him?! Lay off!

  23. Patrick,

    You seem particularly bothered by this article and the responses to you statements here. I am almost at a loss to understand this……oh, wait, I forgot; underperformance will do that to you.

    Oh, and I meant on the football field.

  24. Your attack on ESPN is outrageous.

    Unless you prove to me that Darren Rovell and ESPN wrote these “outside the lines” reports, I will not believe you.

    Show me proof! Actual PROOF that ESPN wrote these articles. Just because someone put it on a website, wrote their name on it, and promoted it, doesn’t make it TRUE.

    Shame on you for attacking ESPN without having a lick of PROOF!

  25. ESPN has never liked Texas A&M; all they like is the revenue generated by their reporting on a freshman Heisman winner. They would have done the same thing to any winner of the Heisman. They blow everything out of proportion so they have something to “report” instead of reporting on REAL sports news. Rovell, Schad, and their cronies should be fired. I canceled all ESPN channels as there is no reason to listen to such irresponsible reporting.

    • No one likes Texas A&M except Texas A&M. Unfortunately I work with a few Aggies and they are the most hateful, cry baby people I have ever known.

      • Lol I’m from GA and live in college station and these aggies are whiny crybabies who are spoon fed from they daddies, however I would side with manziel here, no proof nothing but he said she said BS. They need to shut up and leave him alone honestly and y’all making these stupid comments bout him being a brat, y’all the ones buying into the ESPN delusional crap, y’all are the true brats…. And you longhorn fans, haha to u and your crappy conference

  26. I am a former student of Texas A&M and I have to say these comments are down right embarrassing. Let the investigation by the NCAA run its course. This is why there are people employed by the NCAA to handle these kinds of situations. Who are we to say what really happened, as much as some of you would like to be, we are not on Johnny’s shoulders every day. Darrel Rovell is a terrible journalist yes, and ESPN is responsible for some pretty comical amateurism of journalistic integrity yes, but both ESPN and Rovell still have the right to publish their “opinions” unfortunately. And another thing, for future reference, if you want people to consider your argument seriously, avoid using “faggie” in your closing. Ignorance doesn’t look good on anyone. Keyboard warriors, I bid you good day.

    • Yep, that Johnny Manziel is certainly no Case McCoy.

      Or Ced Benson, Cayleb Jones, Sergio Kindle, etc.

      And Mack can clap all he wants to but y’all still suck.

      Enjoy Morgantown.

      You were Texas

    • So what happened with the NCAA and that Miami investigation? Why were those folks employed that butchered that one? If you expect for me to take you seriously, you might want to stop preaching about the merits of the NCAA investigative arm.

    • I love this higher ground the sips try to throw out with the whole
      Myck Kabongo’s story. Nice try.

      Really? You really want to try and stand on grounds of taking moral high ground? There are enough stories on tu players and let’s not forget Applewhite’s little transgression to fill a room to the ceiling.

      “The bigger issue comes off the field, however. To rack up this many arrests in such a short amount of time really puts a spotlight on the program, and not in a good way. The arrests, coupled with the bevy of other disciplinary issues that have popped up in the Texas athletics department, only magnify the image of Texas as a university that is losing control of its athletics programs.”

  27. This is simple. The recent success of A&M and Manziel is costing tu & npse, the buzz and recruits they dominated for decades. This all happens right at the time npse invests big dollars in the longhorn network. Bad idea. They try to shift the tide back to their ridiculous business venture by attempting to make A&M look bad. Look I wish Johnny was a better person but he’s not. A&M’s reputation is built on the professionalism of our grads, not one punk (but exciting to watch) athlete. npse stop trying to knock A&M down for airtime and longhorn networks benefit.

    • Odd. You go by “sensible,” but your post proves otherwise.

      This is not some conspiracy by the almighty Texas and ESPN!

      Hell, Texas can’t even get ther own crap together. And you think they have enough “Illuminati”esqe power to start a Johnny football conspiracy?

      Can’t a coach/team/school/fan just accept there may have been a small violation and take their punishment?

      God forbid you Ags ever have another down year…you’ll probably blame the weather or more conspiracy theorists.

      Grow up.

  28. You people are all pathetic…getting so ugly. Shame, shame, shame! (I do except you Aggies. Just the sour teasippers.) They, including ESPNU, are all just jealous and want to bring Johnny and A&M down. Again, shame, shame, shame on you.

  29. This is a joke, right? A Texas A&M graduate writing an article about Johnny Manziel that complains about media bias? The same writer that has erroneously reported that William Perry died? The same reporter that used to troll message boards as Tag77 claiming that Texas A&M never cheats even though they have the second most NCAA violations of any school? The same writer genius who can’t seem to figure out why a story on the current Heisman Trophy winner would be published right before the start of the the season? An article that takes the position that rich people have no motivation to break the law? It is the height of hypocrisy to be someone who purports to be a professional columnist and setting aside journalistic integrity and interjecting personal bias into a story accusing other journalists of setting aside their journalistic integrity. You have a great future in this business, at least as long as you get your fellow TexAgs mouth breathers to pat your back while sticking their heads in the sand. Your golden boy is the epitome of Texas A&M, all talk about the honor code while displaying none of it. A guy that complains about all the attention while tweeting pics of himself at every public event known to man. A joke journalist writing about a joke athlete at a joke school. Too funny. BTW, this same media that you now complain about is the same media that got Johnny Joke the Heisman in the first place. The same media that you applauded when they did the same to tOSU and Miami for their cheating. No honor, no respect, no class. Apparently, one thing that this saga has taught the college football world, and the nation at large, is that EVERY Aggie WILL lie, cheat, steal and defend those other Aggies that do the same.

  30. Face it, no one cares about Texas A&M except Aggies. But they are so brainwashed to hate anything and anyone that is not an aggie they erroneously believe they are God’s gift to the world. You can’t talk to them because they are so close minded. And no, I am not a longhorn. Although I find that the UT Longhorns have much more class than the A&M aggies any day. Take the last game they played for an example, the Texas band thanked A&M and spelled out the name on the field while playing “Thanks For The Memories.” There is no way A&M would have done anything so classy. All they did was whine and cry about the Longhorn Network.

    • Kevin the last game between them aggys displayed their typical hate for all things UT. Those pathetic loser fans are so delusional it’s not funny. They’re an embarrassment to the State of Texas.

    • Funny, that you say no one cares about the Aggies but Aggies when half the posts on this comment thread are from tsips. What a horrible life it must be to have to fill your time by reading and writing about things that have no interest to you!

      • What makes you think that everyone who disagrees with you is a tsip? That’s just showing your ignorance.
        When a school like A&M promotes over and over their so called honor codd; then blatantly look the other way so their “hero”, that they worship, can get away with breaking NCAA rules, that is hypocritical and typical of the aggies. Why do you think people make jokes about the aggies? Because they are jokes. And no one, except aggies, have any respect for A&M.
        And no, I am not a tsip.

      • The reason people dislike A&M is because of the Aggies themselves. They have a hatred for anyone and anything that is not A&M. A hatred that goes beyond school rivalry. The delusional aggies think they were UT’s chief rival. They weren’t. UT’s chief rival is and always has been OU. Then Tech.
        If people dislike the aggies it’s because the aggies bring it on themselves. It’s difficult to like people who are so full of hatred and delusions. And no, I did not attend UT.

  31. Who cares? Seriously, who cares about some stupid football player from some stupid school? There are more important issues going on right now.

  32. ESPN & Texas sign a huge contract. Longhorn Network fails drastically while Texas A&M is the IT team in Texas, and is moving on up. ESPN concerned with its investment in Texas, paints an extremely bias picture of Manziel

        • A&M is now THE football school in Texas, just ask the recruits flocking there. SEC owns every state they are in. Texas isn’t special…it’s just next. Get used to it. I can say that – I was born there, lol.
          A&M is going to pull every kid in Texas who wants to play grown man football, and stay close(relatively) to home. They could be near the top of the SEC for a long time.
          Not great news for us Gamecocks, but far worse for you Texas fans.

          • No it’s not. I’m a coach at a Texas high school that wins state championships on a regular basis. None of my players wish to play at A&M. If they want to play in the SEC they want to play for LSU.

          • Is that why Texas is above tamu in the recruiting rankings right now for 2014?

            Congratulations on your ONE year in the sun in over a decade…

  33. So you don’t find it odd the ONLY news source is ESPN? When the Cam story broke it was being covered by a lot of news outlets. Seems odd the only one keeping this going is ESPN. They have become a tabloid whore news program.

  34. Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  35. I got no particular love for ESPN outside of the SEC Blog, but I’m on their side here.
    ESPN didn’t do this to Manziel, Manziel did.
    ESPN covers sports news, and in the sports world or any world for that matter, where there is smoke…there is fire.
    ANY reporter is going to follow the smoke. Nobody in college football this off-season gave them more to follow than Johnny Football. He was everywhere, and when there wasn’t a drink in his hand, he was singing about one. Sure, a ton of college students drink and party but the smart ones, especially the famous underage ones who just won the Heisman, don’t let the whole world in on it almost like they dare anyone to say anything. I wont even go into future scapegoat ‘Uncle Nate’. He may as well be wearing a red Star Trek uniform.
    It was also kind of hard not to notice that this piece read like it was written by a defense attorney trying to create reasonable doubt, but more likely…someone trying to convince themselves.
    ESPN is doing what they do.
    So is Johnny Manziel.
    Johnny lives or dies here by his own sword. Get used to it.

  36. Texas A&M has always been a target for ESPN and other Sport Broadcasters. They always Praise and slobber over UT. This is why A&M is in the SEC now. A&M has had Great teams in the past, but never get the Praise they deserve. Now that Johnnie and the Aggies are kicking ASS, they will continue to be targeted. A&M is a Classy School, and
    no one can change that. So Everyone needs to back off.

  37. […] Anyone passingly familiar with college football has heard the stories/rumors of Heisman Trophy winner and Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel signing memorabilia for money in violation of NCAA rules. ESPN has been pounding the story hard. It may be true. It seems true. But CBS Sports is pounding ESPN back for seeming to be awfully keen on chasing down Manziel — to the exclusion of other wider stories. […]

  38. He’s an aggy. Shocking! Yeah, no bias here. This isn’t journalism as it is a prolonged message board post. I don’t know what he got his degree in, but it wasn’t journalism.

  39. Johnny don’t play….. A&M loses. Lol. They have a history if being LOSERS!!!! Look at all the second half comebacks made on them by other schools in the past.

    A&M still SUCKS!!!!

    • Care to point any out?

      How about I point yours?

      Let us start with the missing punctuation in your first sentence; shall we? Then I will move on to the word “typoes” (sic) which you added an “e” to for some reason. Lastly, I point out that most people end sentences with periods.

  40. LMAO. Lots of butthurt Longwhorns on this thread… Your tears are delicious.

    I’d be pissed off stuck in the Big 12-2-2+2 with David Ash, a rapist and a freshman that can’t throw 10 yards as my QBs too!

  41. Dear Aggie,
    UT cares a lot less about you than you apparently still care about us. Are there other student athletes out there selling autographs? Didn’t OSU get busted and penalized for something similar? What does Johnny have to say about this? Right, he’s everywhere right now but whines that he doesn’t want to be. BTW, “t-sip” isn’t particularly insulting. Not sure why you think it is. XOXO

  42. This is proof that there is NO PROOF. Once again, the media has a chance to put our beloved Texas A&M on some trip because we are an SEC threat. And not to mention, I have a hunch that there was a little BOMC here, just a theory. Not saying they are behind this, be we all know Texas has them in their back pocket. Overall, this is just a poor attempt to bring someone down. shame on you reporters.

  43. This discussion is hilarious. Ha ha ha ha ha. The aggies are desperately trying to present themselves as having class and failing miserably. They are desperately trying to convince everyone that they don’t care about UT and again failing miserably. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Their “hero” Johnny football is constantly breaking the law with his under aged drinking. Oh yeah, he keeps the honor code and has such integrity. NOT. Ha ha ha ha ha. And um, no the aggies are not a threat to the SEC. Well, only to themselves. The rest of the schools in the SEC think A&M is a joke and doesn’t belong in the SEC. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Go Tigers!!!!!!!! LSU rocks!!

    • Carrie, you forgot that A&M has a QB that says he can’t wait to get out of College Station. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. And no, A&M is not the same echelon of school as other SEC members. They are the joke of the SEC. LSU rocks!!!!!!!!

  44. No proof? Yes, there is proof. As an attorney with a degree from Texas Tech, there is plenty of proof. Proof is circumstantial at this point outside of the video where Johnny Hancock declines “additional” cash. But circumstantial proof can be enough once there is enough of it. You don’t actually have to have a video of him getting paid cash and admitting to the camera he took money.

    Unless you think he signed 1000s of serialized autographs out of the kindness of his own heart.

  45. “The delusional aggies think they were UT’s chief rival. They weren’t. UT’s chief rival is and always has been OU. Then Tech”

    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! There’s a lot of fail in this thread but this one takes the cake. I’ve heard this nonsense for years but guess who every tshirt sip I know was pulling for to win the cotton bowl? That’s right, their “real” rival, blowU. What a bunch of clowns. AND NEXT IS TCEH?!? Oh, I didn’t realize that was really tceh playin the thanksgiving game all those years. The butthurt is strong in here, let it flow.

      • Hey Fred, or is your name Petra, or is it something else… oh I see, its Carrie, or John or Jack or Kevin or is Fitz or Paul…. All acounts that are carrying on conversations, and agreeing and replying within minutes of each other from the same IP address. Multiple personality disorder or changing your name for the convenience?

        Are you really having conversations with yourself here?

        Its kinda strange and deluded.

        Of course, I should really expose the one account that made the first post from this IP…. Oh yes, its the lovely HOLLY who used such wonderful and bigotted language to describe the Aggies. Thanks Holly.

  46. – NCAA in a quandary.
    – Big 12 caters to rich kid UT granting every wish.
    – ESPN invests $$$$$$$’s in LHN.
    – Little brother A&M leaves Big 12 for greener pastures.
    – LHN suffers setback.
    – All expect A&M to be annihilated in the SEC.
    – A 19 year old rich kid with little experience dealing with anyone outside of his pampered & luxurious bubble, wreck havoc on the football field, and appear to be poised to do it a second time around.
    – ESPN backed LHN network investment takes another dive.
    – Kid used to spending daddy’s money continues living the only lifestyle he has ever known.. spending money and living the high life, leaving him fodder for a media saturated sports world.
    – ESPN announces to the world damaging charges against now 20 year old kid without substantive backup citing shady characters that can’t be pinned down, setting up NCAA to protect it’s masculinity and access sanctions.
    – 20 year old kid no match for ESPN no matter how rich.
    – ESPN wins without loosing any more $$$$$$$, exacting revenge for damage to LHN.

    Facts, just the facts.

  47. Who gives a **** about any of this. At the end of the day everyone wants to watch a good football game. Doesn’t really matter if a kid signs autographs of his own name for a buck? The only reason he is able to do that is because of his own performance. It’s not like he took money to pick a college.

    What did you do last weekend? How many beers did you have in college before you were 21?

    All the grown men here trying to bring a 20 year old kid down because of jealousy of something they could never have achieved is ridiculous.

    Live you own life and stop worrying what others want to do with theirs.

    Unless you have a legit vested interest in the football program or this young man which I doubt any of you do shut the **** up because your opinion doesn’t matter.

    • Did Mike ever deny where he is from.

      The info is readily available in his bio on the site, in his first article that he wrote on the site, and on his twitter page.

      Despite all this easily and readily available information, he’s apparently lying in some way? I don’t get it. No one here has made an attempt to hide who the author of the article is.

      However, just because he supports A&M does not mean that Mike has not raised some very intriguing questions in his piece. Questions that ESPN, Revelle and Schadd should be asked to answer.

      It doesn’t matter where the author came from, the facts here speak for themselves.

  48. maybe the reason that the JF is on ESPN’s radar is that (a) he has been doing crazy stuff since January and (b) he is the reigning Heisman trophy winner! It’s really not that complicated and thinking that this vast right wing conspiracy is just Ags being Ags! The dude’s name is more familiar to the casual fan which means more people will watch, listen or click which means higher ratings. You idiot Ags who think anything different are just dumb!

  49. All I know is that the Outside The Lines department of ESPN does its due diligence before reporting. Everybody jumped on them for reporting on Ryan Braun and all pro Ryan jumped on OTL when the ban was lifted and then a year later the same Ryan accepted a harsher ban when presented with more evidence. Same goes for Lance Armstrong. Soon all you Aggies will accept the same faith. Stop blaming journalists for your idols actions.

    • There are a number of times where Rovelle has been caught not doing his proper due diligence. One was posted in the article. There are others, and even the NFLPA has taken him to task for his shoddy reporting.

      So yes, while they got things right on Braun and Armstrong, that doesn’t mean ESPN is infallible.

  50. The same way they hyped him up. They now go after him. That is how the media works. If you are the chosen one (Tebow, Lebron) you gotta take the good with the negative.

  51. ESPN is doing a great job preparing a pair of replacements for Keith Olbermann’s old spot on MSNBC. Then Rovelle and Schad will be able to run completely unchecked. Not that it would be any different than the work they are doing now for ESPN.

    I understand that Rovelle and Schad feel like they are standing up for the “little guy”. Manziel’s family has plenty of money and he doesn’t “need” it like the other athletes that just are trying to get by, help their Mama, or make up for the poor neighborhood they come from. If ESPN ran the same “witch hunt” for a “less fortunate” athlete, they would gain the wrath of every bleeding heart group that would find them as the next “cause celeb”.

    If all of this stops or slows to a trickle after Alabama wins against Texas A&M, Rovelle and Shad can wash their hands and say to themselves, “My work here is done, the world is now in perfect order”. Come on guys, just maybe, Alabama can do it without your help. Of course, why take that chance when you can get inside Johnny’s head, his family and friend’s heads, his coach’s heads, and make everyone doubt Johhny. Heck, at this point, Johnny is wondering if maybe he should have taken money for all of those autographs. It would be easier to explain than the truth.