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Naked Chokes: Rowdy Ronda, a Gorilla, an Axe Murderer and a Broken Head

UFC Ring Girl
Mar 05 2013

Let’s face it, the world of Mixed Martial Arts is littered with fantastic storylines somewhat sensationalized to put arses in seats and eyes in front of idiot boxes.  Who could blame them?  After all, we are buying it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to rag on fans, organizations or even the cable company (though they do deserve to be ragged on).  It’s just something I’ve been feeling lately as I scour the litany of news sources I frequent on a daily basis in putting together some of my diatribe for the fine folks at LWOS.

Today I bring you a little column I will call, “Naked Chokes”.  Basically it is a collection of what I feel are the most interesting storylines at any given moment in MMA time, along with a little off the cuff, smart ass comment from yours truly.  If there’s one thing I’ve been told I am, it’s a smart ass.  So, presenting “Naked Chokes”:


Apparently the folks at UFC have decided it necessary to bring the brand to Winnipeg, Canada, on June 15 of this year.  It is also apparent that not one of them have been to Winnipeg.  Or have seen pictures.  Or have ever met anyone who has ever visited, ever……By now you know “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey defeated someone named Girl-Rilla (I’ve been told the latter was seen walking through streets in Tokyo frightening its inhabitants) at UFC 157 last weekend, prolonging her unblemished record (7-0)……We all heard lightweight Benson Henderson aka Bendo call out GSP after his title win. We also heard Dana White verbally bitchslap him, shooting it down faster than a GSP or Spider TKO. Henderson should shut up and concentrate on Melendez……Wanderlei Silva dazzled at UFC on Fuel in Japan. The guy has been knocked out by Chris Leben (I know.  Sad, eh?).  I thought he was completely broken, but he put on a good show. Kudos!  Now, take a break and let the jelly in your head settle……Speaking of jelly in one’s head, Stefan Struve might just have a bit floating around himself.  Have you seen the guy’s skull x-rays after Mark Hunt broke his head?  Damn.  He even wanted to continue. Idiot. If your face is broken, might be a good idea to get that checked or the next punch might go right through!

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