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Chad George: The Year of the Savage Diaries – Part 3 Meet the Team

chad george
Mar 05 2013

Earlier in the year we did an interview with former WEC veteran and star of the epic documentary “Occupation: Fighter”, Chad “Savage” George. While interviewing Chad he told us that he was looking forward to making 2013 “The Year of the Savage”. This is the year, Chad has told us, that he wants to make a break-out year for his career.

At Last Word on Sports we’re big Chad George fans, and will be following his progress this year in a series of articles that we’re calling “The Year of the Savage Diaries”. In the first episode we learned that Chad had a herniated disc in his lower back and needed surgery. You can view the episode here.  In the 2nd Episode we saw Chad in the hours and days immediately following surgery here.

Today we feature the third episode, which features a look into Chad’s team at PKG.  We also look at what Chad got up to in the weeks and months following his surgery, when he wasn’t rehabbing and training.  See the next steps on the road to recovery and his work to make 2013, the Year of the Savage.

Stay tuned for more episodes to come!

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