The Hypocrisy of Claude Julien and the Boston Bruins


Following last night’s Habs victory over the Boston Bruins, B’s coach Claude Julien took the opportunity to complain about diving and embellishment in his post game press conference.  Julien said the following,

“This is embarrassing for our game, the embellishing. Right now, they’ve got over 100 power plays so far. It’s pretty obvious why. We’re trying to clean that out of our game. It’s got to be done soon. Because it’s not about tonight. It’s about the game. The embellishment embarrasses our game. We’ve got to be better about that. It’s pretty obvious when P.K. [Subban] gets hit, he throws himself into the glass and holds his head.”

So apparently diving and embellishment are bad for the game.  I’m not about to argue that the Habs don’t participate in it, because they do.  But here’s the reality, all 30 NHL teams participate in diving and embellishment, and those who live in glass houses, shouldn’t throw stones.

I don’t know what game Julien was watching, but last night in the second period, I saw Tyler Seguin go down like he was harpooned, after a simple cross check from Alexei Emelin.  The guy was lying on the ice moaning and holding his ribs and looking at the refs to call a penalty.  When he went to the bench, Seguin brushed off the Bruins training staff, and less than 2 minutes later he was back on the ice for his very next shift.

Add to that a player like Brad Marchand, and Claude Julien should really look at his own team before he starts asking the league to stop other teams from diving.  Here are some Marchand dives from the 2012 playoffs.

And when we talk about embellishment, how about Andrew Ference. Here is a play where a Canuck gets his stick near Ference’s face (but as the replay shows, clearly not making contact). Ference throws his head back, pretends to be hit and attempts to draw a penalty. If that doesn’t fit the definition of the type of “embellishment” that Julien wants out of the game, then I don’t know what does.

But its not just guys like Marchand and Ference, two guys who are known as agitators on the Bruins. We can look to their captain, the much respected Zdeno Chara and also find him participating in this behavior of diving and embellishing to get calls.

But it doesn’t stop there. The problem of diving and embellishment effects a number of other players on the Bruins. Look, I don’t have the time, and this article doesn’t have the space to post any more diving and embellishment videos, but a quick search on youtube for Bruins Dives, and Bruins Diving, and you will find them. This isn’t to say that the Bruins are the worst in the league for this, but they are just as bad as any other team in the league. There is no moral high ground for Julien to stand on with this issue, with the number of blatant examples we can find of his players participating in the same diving and embellishment.

Julien’s complaint seems to be that the Habs have gotten 100 PP opportunities this year.  Well heres the thing, with 22 games played, thats an average of just slightly over 4 PPs per game.  Over a third of  the league is averaging over 4 PPs a game.  The Montreal Canadiens have also been short handed 86 times this season or 3.91 times per game.  Again well over a third of the league is averaging 4 times shorthanded per game.  The Montreal Canadiens might have the most PP opportunities in the NHL, but have also been shorthanded for 89:35 this season, 2nd most in the NHL. These stats don’t show us anything, other than the fact that there have been plenty of penalties called in Montreal games.

The fact is that the Habs have been one of the best even strength teams in the league this season, controlling the puck, and generally outshooting opponents.  Newsflash:  The team who has the puck, usually draws more penalties than the team without the puck.  Last season, when the Habs were a terrible even-strength team, they were shorthanded, far more often than they had PP opportunities.  Thats hockey, if you don’t have the puck, its a lot easier to take a penalty than when you do.

As I said, all 30 teams participate in this behaviour, and its true “If you’re not cheating, you’re not trying” in today’s NHL.  The game is just too fast for the officials to be able to accurately tell what is diving and embellishment and what is a legitimate penalty on many occassions. As a result this isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

What should stop though, is the holier than thou attitude from people like Claude Julien. Let he who is without sin, be the one to cast the first stone, and when Julien is able to stop his own time from participating in the diving and embellishment, it is then and only then that he will have the moral authority to complain about how other team’s play the game.

Julien has had the opportunity to stop his own team from participating in this behaviour. I’ve never seen a Bruin benched for diving, I’ve never heard of someone on the B’s being made a healthy scratch for their embellishment. Players like Marchand, Ference, Chara, Seguin, and others who have dove retain their positions on the team. If you want to fix the problem, Julien, you should start by cleaning up your own house.

Of course this isn’t the first time Julien has been shown to be a hypocrite.

And that’s the Last Word.

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  1. Great to see the Bruin’s losing their heads, after a regular season loss. This team doesn’t have their stuff together emotionally, they should be embarrassed. The Big Bad Bruins look like a bunch of crybabies. Add on “Time Bomb Tuuka Rask” and this is a team that might not see the second round for a long time.

      • They are 2 points out of first with 4 games in hand. I think they have everything where they need to be.

        “Montreal, typical”, a very wise man

  2. Butthurt habs/nucks fan wrote this one up, I am sure.


    Watch the game. Watch the diving, watch the embellishing.

    Oh and dude, have you been crosschecked in the ribs before? Let Emelin do it to you next time and you can tell me if it doesn’t hurt. Fuckface.

    • Can’t defend the Bruins after being shown clear evidence? Might as well call everyone else “butthurt”. That’ll show em.

      • I know the Bruins dive. All teams do.

        However to call the crosscheck on Seguin a dive is bullshit. Watch the video. He broke his STICK when he hit Seguin.

        The writer is confusing genuine hockey toughness that all NHL players have (Hell look at guys who took pucks to the face and came back out the same game) with diving.

        • He lied on the ice, staring at the referee, and moaning in pain, while he was waiting for a call.

          Then he was magically healed for his next shift.

          Maybe the Bruins have Dr. Recchi on the bench, maybe he administered the magic soccer spray.

          • Idiot, he left the ice and went to the locker room, probably to see if his rib was actually broken or bruised. Again, have you ever been cross checked in the ribs? I don’t thing so, shit hurts. That’s like complaining that someone went down after taking a slapshot hit and going to the bench for a while and “miraculously” coming back

          • I’m gonna say this slowly.

            He did not go to the locker room.

            In fact he did not miss a shift.

            the next time his linemates were on the ice, you know, Bergeron and Marchand. He was right there with them.

      • I don’t know what you think is “clear evidence”, but If someone made a blog post about the diving that the Habs do over the past 2 years I’m sure there would be some…discrepancies. Also a lot of those “dives” they were showing were the players losing their footing and getting hit at the wrong time (Marchand on the boards and Chara behind the net) And The 2nd Chara replay he get fucking ELBOWED IN THE FACE and he’s not allowed to react!? sure they were in a little skirmish on the boards, but it’s not like Chara didn’t take a swinging elbow to the face that the refs missed.

        • Yes, Chara got elbowed. He went down, and pretended he had been shot and was looking for a penalty. This is the definition of EMBELLISHMENT.

          Do the Habs dive? Yes. I never said they didn’t.

          30 NHL teams are all guilty of diving and embellishment.

          The article was about Julien calling out others, when his own team is guilty of the same behaviour. However the subtlety of this point may be beyond your comprehension.

          • I’m aware of what he said, there are other people and other comments here arguing that. I am arguing in defense of Tyler Seguin and that you don’t know what you’re talking about in regards to that situation.

          • That was a playoff game and it wasn’t the elbow that hurt Chara. It was the dash that he hit his head on. Chara has taken a couple of questionable dives. But that wasn’t one of them.

      • It looked more than “simple cross check” when the guy breaks the knob of his stick off. Not to mention all the obvious evidence of the Bruins diving is examples from 2 and 3 years ago when you can find Subban diving every few games.

        • Yes, the Habs dive. No one said they didn’t.

          Way to miss the point bud.

          I understand the whole idea that when you call someone out for doing something your team is also guilty of is hypocritical, might be a bit too advanced for you to understand, but it is what it is.

  3. The Bruins don’t use diving to their advantage NEARLY as much as the Cnadiens do. Just because Marchand is an agitator who sometimes dives/embellishes doesn’t mean his coach is instructing him to do it – because he’s not. Diving/embellishing is part of the culture in Montreal and any knowledgeable hockey fan knows it’s been that way for years.

    • “The Bruins don’t use diving to their advantage NEARLY as much as the Cnadiens do.”

      And I’m sure you have the statistics to prove your point, right?

      • You posted 4 videos of the bruins diving I could post 10 of PK doing it in his short tenure in the NHL. God forbid a coach is biased to his own team. Your a moron and how you can write such a biased article is just pathetic. Journalism 101 get both sides of the story dick

        • “You’re” = You are

          Your = possession.

          However that is just the first mistake in what is a horribly written sentence. It doesn’t even make sense. Try to learn proper grammar before you post here again.

          • And that’s how bad of a writer you are, you can’t defend your point after you realize how retarded it is, and instead of trying to convince others of your point of view, you attack a minor grammatical error in an effort to prove to yourself that your better than he is.

          • You messed up the your, you’re thing again.

            P.S. Just because you post the same video clip 8 times, I’m only approving the first time you posted it. No need to keep posting the same comment and youtube multiple times.

          • When you make personal attacks instead of arguing a point…. yes, I’m going to call out your bad grammar.

            Use of things like “Your a moron (sic)” and retarded, and all the other points attacks you and the anonymous poster I responded to made.

  4. Surely there was someone biased on this entire news site that could have written this? It’s interesting if you like shock value but, perhaps an actual, unbiased article would have been good as well.

  5. @Nicolas….Watch Pens/Habs? Miss Halak much? Anyway, this article was written, hence the whining from Montreal has yet to cease. Its about time someone called you out for what you are. Your turn………..look in the mirror.

  6. Julien has actually called out his own team on some dives. Particularly Marchand.

    And yes… he’s benched Marchand during games because of it. Krejci too.

    So maybe you should do a bit more research before you get holier than thou yourself.

  7. The tears of the Bruins faithful in these comments nourish me and taste delicious.

    Obviously can’t take it when someone points out that their team dives, same as 29 other teams in the league. Which was exactly the point I was making.

    • No, actually, you called out exclusively the Bruins for diving. You’re such a conceited dickhead that you can’t even see you’re doing the exact same thing as Claude Julien. HYPOCRISY MUCH?

      • Logic is not your strong suit.

        I called out Julien complaining about other team’s diving when his team does the same thing.

        Perhaps you need to read the article again.

  8. “I saw Tyler Seguin go down like he was harpooned, after a simple cross check from Alexei Emelin.”

    A simple cross check? Emelin broke his stick in 2 pieces over an unprotected area of Seguin’s body.

      • And that is your reasoning for saying that he didn’t get hurt? Again, he went to the locker room to get checked out, and came back when nothing was broken. So if someone takes a stick to the face and goes down on the ice, it is MANDATORY that they leave the ice, miss at least one or two shifts before they come back after being treated…yea, makes sense

          • Did you watch the video? Full 5 minutes of referees talking to each other, and the commercial. All the trainers need to do is poke around in the sensitive area to make sure if anything is broken. You don’t need the x-ray, if it was broken it would have hurt A LOT more.

            And since I can’t reply to your idiotic grammatical correction, ****ING DEALT WITH IT, try strengthening your argument instead of going on the offensive.

          • So your argument is that he 1)didn’t go to the locker room 2)if he did was only in there for 1 minute 3)he was faking and knew it was nothing the whole time 4)He should’ve stayed in the locker room 5)and that he didn’t miss a single shift. Despite what the NHL stats on ice time say, they only mention actual playing time, not TV timeouts, not referee’s talking. He was in and out because 1)he’s a badass that can deal with a bruised rib 2)they were able to treat him effectively in the 6 minutes he had in the locker room (tape, ice, spray, for a bruised rib) 3) and he didn’t miss a shift because of all the time the refs wasted talking plus the commercial and the other shifts before him.

            So in summation, Seguin got hurt, got fixed up in 6 minutes (more than enough time for a trainer), and supported his team by getting back out there and playing through it, something you would never know anything about. Also, you’re a *****, Seguin’s a badass, you have only old youtube videos and a skewed view of hockey to support the dribble that comes out of your mouth/fingers. Enjoy being ignorant

          • So this writer can diagnose things based on what?

            The piece is pretty funny. Not bad if you take with a grain of salt and realize it is a fan writing.

            I got hit like that in the ribs once. Damn it hurt. That’s a real cheap shot.

            Based on the rest of the piece I was waiting for a comment about the dirty play of Seguin to break Emelin’s stick with his ribs.

  9. I’m not here to argue that the Bruins never dive, but did this guy really just get so upset at Claude talking about diving that he had to write an article to bash one team for every single youtube video he could find? The amount of fandom in this sports writer is laughable. What ever happened to journalistic integrity?

    • This website is about OP-ED, and encourages OPINION based Editorial pieces. We don’t claim to deliver the news, we comment on the news.

      We’re allowed to have opinions.

      • “Julien has had the opportunity to stop his own team from participating in this behaviour. I’ve never seen a Bruin benched for diving, I’ve never heard of someone on the B’s being made a healthy scratch for their embellishment. Players like Marchand, Ference, Chara, Seguin, and others who have dove retain their positions on the team. If you want to fix the problem, Julien, you should start by cleaning up your own house.”

        Just so you know. Julien has benched players for this. You should really update your article because you are leading readers on to something that is entirely untrue. Plus, it makes you appear like you have a very strong opinion about something that you do not know about.

          • I can’t think of a time he’s benched Chara, but he’s certainly taken the exact action you mentioned with other players and you failed to inform your readers about that.

            Bad job on your part.

            And you also failed to mention that many times Julien has commented that he doesn’t want his players to play that way and they will hear from if they do. He said it again today. Have we heard any similar things from Montreal coaches the last few years?

            Again…. a failure on your part for this article.

            The worst part of your article though was the comment on Seguin. Maybe you never played hockey, I don’t know. But if you did, you should know how much those shots to the ribs hurt. And he was NOT back on the next shift. He missed a shift.

            Bad job by you again.

            Shocker that all the points you left out reflect poorly on the Bruins.

          • Actions speak louder than words.

            Sure, he keeps commenting to the media he doesn’t want his players to play that way, yet they continue to play that way, and yet Marchand is still on the team. He’s not in the pressbox. He hasn’t asked the GM to trade him because he doesn’t follow instructions. Nope the kid keeps playing and playing and playing despite the fact that Julien tells the media that he doesn’t want players who dive, and despite the fact he keeps diving. Thanks for proving my point on the hypocrisy.

            Also the shift chart is right there on The shift chart was posted in a response to an earlier comment on this very thread. The shift chart doesn’t lie. He didn’t miss a single shift.

            The more times you type that he missed a shift, it doesn’t make it true, and doesn’t refute the facts in the official box score.

          • In the 3rd or 4th game this year Marchand got benched for a few shifts for a particularly bad dive. It was pathetic. Good job by Julien.

            It would have been applauded by Montreal’s coaching staff though.

          • Even when benched, he hasn’t stopped diving. If you have a player who doesn’t play your style and doesn’t learn from his benchings, and keep putting him on the ice, that is what is known as a coach condoning the behaviour.

          • You lose a little credibility when you get something wrong. You lose a whole lot more when you write something like this “I’ve never seen a Bruin benched for diving” and it is pointed out to you as being incorrect, and you make no correction.

            Based on that, I’m sure if I bothered to read many more of your articles I’d find alot of the same errors. But then again why bother reading fiction when I can find better sources.

            My bad on the missed shift. I missed Seguin’s 9 second shift. See…. that’s what people do when someone points out a mistake.

  10. It’s painstakingly obvious that the Bruins team and coach fit each other like a glove: can’t take any sort of responsibility, whine and cry, oblivious to the rules, etc.

    In other words, the blackest most grimy of kettles calling out all mildly tarnished pots.

    All 29 other teams are looking at Julien & his Bruins, and asking themselves “What the heck is he talking about? What are they whining about?”

    • “All 29 other teams are looking at Julien & his Bruins, and asking themselves “What the heck is he talking about? What are they whining about?”””

      LOL! All the other teams play Montreal and know EXACTLY what he’s talking about.

  11. Waahhh! Waahhh, the rivals of my favorite team are just the worst kind of people! I’m going to cry about it on the Internet and pretend like it’s news! Nobody but Habs fans wants to read the garbage about you hate the Bruins

    • Who complained about the Habs diving and embellishment? I think the quote from Julien is right there.

      I’d have nothing to say if he wasn’t a sore loser.

      • I can understand why you may not know this, but Julien has said this more than once and after games they win.

        And maybe you do not know that Julien has benched players for diving. Guys like Nate Thompson got sent packing out of training camp for it.

        And we’ve seen PK throw himself into the boards enough times already. It is embarassing.

        • Again, no one said that the Habs don’t dive. What was said is that criticizing and calling someone else out when players like Ference and Marchand get put on the ice shift after shift is hypocrisy.

          • I am JJ. I work in a place with Bruins fans that has a single gateway. It wills how up as one IP to you. They are taking your article harder than I am.

            I thought the Bruins got a bit lucky at times last night with the refs. Particuarly the hight stick by Seidenberg

      • Who cares? Everybody in the league is a whiner if you think about it. I’m sure Montreal coaches/players/fans are whiners/hypocrites, so where’s that article? I’m a Rangers fan. Where’s your article about Tortorella whining about everything that happens to one of his players and his “hypocrisy”? I scanned through the first six or so pages of your article history, and this is the only one that goes after another team and its personnel, and, shocker, you’re a Habs fan. You can have whatever opinion you want, and you can share it wherever you want, but when I see this crap trying to get passed as a talking point on r/hockey, I get a little upset. I don’t go to Reddit to read what essentially is someone’s blog about how they hate the rivals of their favorite team.

        • As far as I know, Reddit encourages its members to upvote or downvote articles. I have no control over it being upvoted or downvoted, so if its on the front page of r/hockey you should complain to your fellow members who upvoted it, not to us.

          Obviously a number of people did enjoy the piece.

  12. All you need to know about JJ is that he likes Chris Bourque.

    The Bruins also got lucky where there was no call when Marchand got speared. We couldn’t afford to lose Bergeron for 5 minutes for spearing his own linemate!

  13. Hey Ben, it doesnt surprise me that you’d cite a video created by Canuck nation to go after the Bruins… the Habs and Canucks exemplify everything that’s wrong about the game of hockey… you found four clips of alleged embellishment on the part of the Bruins, congrats… I could find that in any given shift by the Habs or Canucks… The reality is the Bruins play the game the right way, the way it was designed to be played by men…

    As for Seguin, Emelin broke his bloody composite on the cross-check… the Bruins should have been on the pp, instead they have a kill and they give Chara an instigator for having to do their jobs for them…

    I dont know who’s idea it was to give you a keyboard, but any time you’re in Vancouver, look me up – I’ll book the barn…. muppet…

    • Glad you missed the point.

      How about these? are these playing hockey the Right Way?

      Its okay though, you just keep believing the propaganda. 2 teams dive, and the other 28, especially the Bruins, don’t participate in that behaviour.

  14. Claude Julien should assume the defeat and say that the habs were better this game than them that’s it that’s out. No blablabla and crying just be a proud man Julien please.

    • The bruins will lost their next time against the habs. They will try to intimidate the habs like they always do. But intimidation don’t work anymore against montréal. They should play hockey game and not intimidation game.

  15. The main problem I see is the B’s were set up to be a tough as nails team come in and physically dominate. Intimidation etc is there go to card in winning games especially when it came to smaller teams like MTL. In the past this was ok but I believe the outburst of embellishment is just a coaches frustration over the refs being “quick draw McGraw” on the whistles this year! Thus one of the key tactics previously used vs. mtl is a double edged sword for the B’s now and it must be frustrating to a coach to see a tried tested and true formula for a W now be a 50/50 chance depending on how the refs feel!

    To say the B’s don’t do the same thing when the coach calls out his own players and benches them for it is crazy talk. It is for that exact reason I believe he should have shut up and taken the loss and moved on and came back with a slightly altered strat next time that was less likely to be placed in the refs hands for a W!

    just my .02

  16. This is funny. To actually hear Bruins fans defend their hypocritical coach, is embarrassing. What they are not talking about is loosing to the Habs back up goalie. They couldn’t be Budjai. That should have been what Julien’s post game interview focused on. This is just annoying. I am a Habs fan, our players dive to gain advantages during games. So do the Bruins. In fact every team in the NHL does. However, the Bruins have continuously been the ones to complain without a reduction in their own cases. Just look at Rat Face, or is it Douche bag, Marchand. Here is a guy who might miss a shift because of his careless and vagina growing plays, but continues to dive at a horrendous rate. Then he has the panties to step out in an interview and call out others. Laughable. Subban has been benched often in his career, especially under Martin. So until Bruins fans ask for accountability or their players and coaches, and to go even farther their organization, they should shut their traps. Look up to the rafters and ask themselves the question as to why they have not won the same amount of cups as compared to the Canadiens. Even though both are original six members.

  17. All the teams in the NHL dive, everyone knows that. The Habs are just notorious for it and it is a huge part in their game plan which is why they have so many power plays. Also Julien never said that the Bruins didnt dive he made it clear that he was upset that the Habs diving altered the game. Any way you look at it diving will always be a part of the game it just needs to be controlled and it is clear that the Habs are unfortunately stooping that low to take complete advantage of it. They will do anything to win its pathetic.