Tony’s Weekend Premier League Treble


Hello all, we’re back again to go to war against the old enemy (bookies)! last week was a very near miss after West Brom and Newcastle had both won. Bloody Everton let me down, poxy Norwich scored twice in the last 10minutes (there’s always one that let’s you down).  Needless to say I was properly pissed off!!  Bloody right I was, but we live to fight another day and beat our nemesis in our pursuit of beer money in the bank (or maybe that’s just me?).  My bets are on a ‘1 to 5’ point scale, which will show how confident I am – 5 being the most and 1 the least.

Leave Alone:

So this week’s fixtures are without a doubt a nightmare.  There are a lot of horrible fixtures, with many either untouchable or too close to call.  Take for instance the North London Derby Spurs vs. Arsenal. The match can go either way, and you’d be a mighty brave man to go betting in that game. Chelsea are in very patchy rein of form, and I fancy West Brom could nick a draw, but I’m not confident enough to bet against the Blues – and besides, the home win is too skinny a price so there is no value there.  Next game, please.  I think Man Utd and Everton are home bankers and will win, but are very short indeed, so it might be wise to leave them alone with such little value.  Remember, you won’t get rich backing odds-on winners often, especially in football as there are shocks all the time. The Wigan vs. Liverpool game could go either way, so again a no-bet match.  The same goes for Swansea vs. Newcastle, which is too tight to call in my book, so let’s stroke a line through that one.

Here is the Value:

So what do I fancy? These are the lucky ones.  First, I reckon QPR can win away at Southampton.  Surely this underachieving side will show their true colours before it’s too late to beat the drop, won’t they? They’re in the Last Chance Saloon, already 3 points needed.  I reckon Loic Remy will score giving the R’s the points they need so badly.  Take the 100-30 available.

Next up are Sunderland, who are not a great side by any stretch of the imagination, but they have enough quality to beat a Fulham team who have been truly awful on their travels this season.  I see this trend continuing Saturday afternoon, so take the 6-5 for a home win.

The lucky last, well I bloody hope so anyway, will be Stoke to beat the Hammers.  I think Stoke will get joy at corners and set pieces, thus proving too strong for the London side.

To Review:

Treble – QPR 100-30, Sunderland 6-5 and Stoke  11-10, all a Ladbrokes.  So if you have a 3 points bet you would get return of 60.06 points.

Good luck to all having a bet this weekend, and let me know your fancies/tips.  May the football gods give you the winning ticket.


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