Quick Slant: Alex Smith, Kansas City; Bad Combine Questions, and The Circus on Broadway


We all like to kick back and roll SportsCentre (or whatever version you watch) each night, just to catch up on what we haven’t already been told by our Androids/iPhones already.  Really, if you’re like me there isn’t much you don’t already know by the time 11pm rolls around.  Between the NFL app, individual team apps, third party football related apps, etc, we are all privy to news instantaneously, right?  And forget it if you’re already on Twitter – in some cases you’ll have the information (correct or not) before many of the television stations.  Ahhh, the “Information Age”.  But is it a good thing?

I’m not going to discuss the ins and outs of technology and try to deliberate on its merits – that’s not what “NFL Parting Shots” is all about.  Instead, I just want to do some dirty work for you.  I want to sift through the myriad of stories circulating at any given second, and bring you what I feel are the most intriguing storylines of the day, along with a little sarcastic, wry comment to boot.  Why should you trust me to tell you what news to further research?  I have no idea…. I can’t be as bad as some of the guys on the NFL Network though, right (please say “no”)?  So without further ado, I give you today’s Quick Slant…


Alex Smith and his family have found a new home in Kansas City. Apparently he had a hell of a time finding a house because for whatever stupid reason, Kansas City isn’t in Kansas. Missourians can be real pains in the ass……Matt Cassel’s time in Kansas, err, Missouri, whatever, seems to be over. One destination could be Arizona. Judging by their success at picking up scraps (ahem, kolb) it should work out very well……Brendon Ayanbadejo believes that within the next year or two there will be an openly gay NFL player. Something tells me we need to brace for the media circus now……Speaking of which, at the combine, Colorado “Tight End” (ironic) Nick Kasa was asked if he “liked girls”. Who the hell in today’s society would think that a good question to ask?  Someone’s losing a job……Lauren Silberman, a 28-year old former soccer player has a try-out at the NY Jets combine.  That’s just so perfect in so many ways.  All the power to women and all, just appreciating how the Jets seem to love a circus……The NFL salary cap is set to rise from $120.6million to $123million. I can’t wait until someone gives me a list of quarterbacks next year who will make more than Tom Brady……Terrell Suggs has gone out a huge limb and said that every team hates the Patriots. I’m going to go out on a similarly sized limb and say every fan (outside of Boston) does too!……Finally, I’m not a Te’o fan, but Jesus-aged Christ that guy is being destroyed in message boards, Twitter, etc. He only led his team to the National Championship game and lost to a team that could have sat on a few NFL teams (sorry, Jags fans).


There ya have it, the most intriguing headlines talked about today, and all wrapped up in 300 words or less.  Did I miss something?  Well, of course I did, but if it’s really that glaringly obvious, add to the comments below.

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photo credit: Monica’s Dad via photopin cc