NBA Quickhitters: Durant and Chandler Go Off, A Confused Announcer, Ibaka's Stupid Hair, and LeBron


With so many storylines to choose from, narrowing my “Quickhitters” to relatively few was difficult to say the least. I suppose one could argue that the NBA is always like that – drama, intrigue, and wicked performances, all worthy of making the night’s ticker.  Like you, I feverishly watch the ticker, sometimes many, many times, before finally turning the channel.  And when I find a few stories I like, then I’ll look into them – it’s just my routine.  So what I want to do for you, is give you an idea of some storylines that I looked up based on basketball tickers.  If you find any of these tickers worthy of your time, why not do a little digging – believe me, they’re worth it!

So, on with show – NBA Quickhitters in 300 Words or Less:

Kevin Durant went nuts – like seriously, nuts. The guy had a triple-dub with five minutes left in the third quarter… if you haven’t seen the ending to the Wizards-Pistons game, check out the YOUTUBE below of the “Confused Wizards Announcer”… Tyson Chandler apparently has not forgotten how to rebound.  Buddy grabbed 13 rebounds in the first and 24 with 9min to go in 4th. I guess David Lee was missed – he’s out with a one-game suspension… Meanwhile Stephen Curry was hitting everything, putting up 54 points for the Warriors at MSG, but it wasnt’ enough to beat the Knicks… Serge Ibaka has a mohawk. So does my 6 year old bratty neighbour. Just sayin’… Apparently LeBron James is going to stop his pre-game dunking ritual because of peer pressure. I’m not sure who I want to tell to piss off more, him for being a whiny suck (check out Youtube vid on his “frustration dunk”) or the people criticizing one of the best athletes on the planet for entertaining paying fans?… Despite Dirk‘s 20-20 the other night, the Mavs are not playing well. I’ll eat my shirt if they make the playoffs now (25-31, 5 games behind the Rockets)

So there you have it, some quick hitters that might be worthy of your time.

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photo credit: D.Clow – Maryland via photopin cc


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