On the MMA Road… with Team PKG


The gym is more than just a place where mixed martial artists go to work-out. It becomes their home. Their fellow gym members, their family. It eventually morphs into the most important part of any fighters life. When the fighter finally goes to the ring, it’s only because of his family within the gym and his determination to be the best. The “Gym-Family” provides more than just the rational tools the fighter needs to succeed in the gym… they provide the emotional support and balance needed to take their career to the next level.

At Last Word on Sports, we’re always trying to bring you news from around the world of MMA, including a look  into some of the most dynamic teams within the world of MMA. Team PKG out of Los Angeles has slowly turned into a hot-bed for MMA fighters with a number of premiere athletes from around a number of promotions calling PKG their home.

March is shaping up to be a particularly busy month Team PKG. With 4 warriors from the gym fighting at BAMMA USA on March 15th, 1 fighter at Pandemonium fights on March 23rd and 3-4 amateurs fighting at Super Star Fights on March 29th this gym family is going to be particularly tight over the next 30 days!

Here is a look at this talented roster of warriors:

Flyweight at 125 lbs:
Latif idris: Will be fighting as a professional on March 15th, 2013

Bantamweight at 135lbs:
Chad George : WEC veteran, still recovering from back surgery will be part of the glue holding this family together
Jared Papazian : UFC veteran, will be fighting March 15, 2013
Cameron Harris: is an amateur fighting March 29th, 2013
Jaron Cheung: is an amateur fighting on March 29th, 2013
Adil Mustafabekov: is an amateur fighter, and we’re eagerly awaiting his next bout in the ring.

Featherweight at 145lbs:
Steve Magdelano: is a UFC veteran, and we are looking forward to seeing him fight March 15th, 2013
Adam Strauss: is an amateur fighter making his way into the fighting world
Tanner Grant: is an amateur with Team PKG

Lightweight at 155lbs:

Mac Danzig : is a veteran of PRIDE FC, but probably best known for his TUF crown and time in the UFC.
Dominic Clark : is Strikeforce veteran and  will be fighting March 23rd, 2013
Matt Bahngte : is a professional, and we looking forward to seeing him fight March 3rd, 2013
Jeremy Umphries : is well known Strikeforce and Jungle Fights veteran

Welterweight at 170lbs:
Mozzy Arfa : While just breaking onto the MMA scene is well known for his dominance on the Muay Thai circuit, where he put up a 21-0 record

Middleweight at 185lbs:
Owen Evens: is an amateur, who will be  fighting March 23, 2013

We’re looking forward to seeing the guys from PKG fight in March and wish them all the best. We’ll have updates as the results pour in! Stay tuned.

For anyone interested in learning more about PKG, check out: www.PKGLA.com

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