The Worst Premiership Signings… Ever!


Yesterday I gave you my list for The Best 15 signings in Premier League history.  Today, I bring you my list for The 15 Worst signings, all of which make fans cringe at the very mention of these names.  As I said with yesterday’s article, this is by no means an exhaustive list, and is certainly not static.  Rather, they are the signings I feel are heads and tails worse than the rest.  Enjoy…

The Worst

1- Andy Carroll (Liverpool) What were Liverpool thinking paying 35 million for an average centre forward?  To this day it’s simply very hard to fathom.  It’s not like he has no skill, but he’s just so far from being worth what they paid for him that “bust” is certainly an understatement.

2- Juan Sebastian Veron (Man United) JSV was a disaster of a transfer.  United paid a ridiculous sum to the tune of 28.1 million to Lazio. Veron never settled in England, thus proving a major disappointment for United fans.

3- Steve Marlet (Fulham) Signed from Marseille for a then record 11.5 million, but only managed 11 goals in 54 games proving a huge letdown.

4- Fernando Torres (Chelsea) At 50 million he has become something of enigma who continues to amaze with how poor he’s been since joining Chelsea.

5- Francis Jeffers (Arsenal) At 8 million and only managing 4 goals, Jeffers is easily one of Wenger’s poorest buys in his Arsenal reign – his absolute worst according to many fans.

6- Per Kroldrup (Everton) Most of you will ask, “who”?  Yet, Everton paid 5 million for him but after only playing a single game – a 4-nil loss.  He was then sold to Fiorentina.  When in doubt, ship the player out of country.

7- Chris Sutton (Chelsea) At 10 million, he scored a paltry one goal before been sold for 6million the next season. He never fit in at Chelsea.

8- Joe Allen (Liverpool) It was laughable that some said he was the “Welsh Xavi”.  Very funny indeed!  A very average player at best, so at 15 million Liverpool way overpaid. Really, it’s an incredibly ridiculous transfer fee.

9- Alfonso Alves (Middlesboro) How the hell did Boro pay around 12 million for him?  He lasted only 42games and scored just 10goals before being sold. Silly, that.

10- Bebe (Man United) a Portuguese striker who somehow cost United 7.4 million!  He could only manage two games and a single goal in his United career. He was just not good enough for United, and was a terrible buy.

11- Savio Nsereko (West Ham) Like Kroldrup, most will ask, “who”? But West Ham paid reportedly around 10 million for him, but he managed only 10 games before being sold to Fiorentina in Italy for a disclosed fee.  Again, when in doubt, get him out of country. And again, sell him to Fiorentina!

12- Bruno Cheyrou (Liverpool) Cheyrou cost 4.5 million from Lille and was dubbed the “New Zidane”.  Some people, jeez!  But he was far removed from the French legend that he played just 31 games and was quickly moved to the poor buy list.

13 -Eric Djemba-Djemba (Man United) Dj-Dj was bought for 3.5 million as a successor for Roy Keane, but that surely was a twisted joke.  An awful player who United soon got rid of.

14- Albert Luque (Newcastle) Amazingly, Newcastle paid 9.5 million for him. He played just 21 games scoring a single goal a was a terrible buy.

15- Massimo Taibi (Man United) Nicknamed by an English newspaper ‘The Blind Venetian”, he lasted only four games, and in those had plenty of errors.  At 4.5 million, he must be one of Fergie’s worst buys ever.

So there you have my list of the 15 Worst Premiership Signings Ever. Coupled with yesterday’s list of Best Ever, I’d welcome some feedback.  Perhaps I’ve missed a “best” or “worst”?

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