The Skinny on the NBA Trade Deadline


So the trade deadline has come and gone and it was a relatively quiet one for the NBA this year. The deadline has had no effect on the landscape of the NBA in reality, with no major players being traded at all. But what exactly happened on this incredibly blasé deadline day?

Bucks/Magic Trade:
JJ Redick, probably the biggest trade of the day, was arguably the Magic’s best all-round player this season. Originally initiated as a shooter, he has established himself into a respected and valued player of the team.  Obviously he wasn’t valued enough.  He was traded to the Bucks along with Ish Smith and Gustavo Ayon. In return, the Magic obtained Beno Udrih, Dorom Lamb and Tobias Harris. Overall outcome? Magic lose out, big time. But Redick isn’t exactly what the Bucks need. However, statistics wise, I expect to see Redick improve in a Bucks uniform. Although, he won’t be there next season.

Phoenix/Toronto Trade:
Sebastian Telfair now joins his seventh team in his NBA career since 2004. Telfair joins the Suns along with a protected second round pick in exchange for the only Iranian player in the NBA, big man Hamed Haddadi. Haddadi had only just joined the Raptors as part of the Rudy Gay trade however in one hundred and thirty four games he has only averaged six minutes per game. Overall outcome? This trade doesn’t do much at all for either teams. If anything, Phoenix get the better end of the deal with the second round pick.

Wizards/Celtics Trade:
Jordan Crawford joins the Celtics in exchange for the expiring contracts of Jason Collins and Leandro Barbosa (injured indefinitely). Jordan Crawford’s impact had been diminishing in Washington ever since the emergence of Bradley Beal as the key piece in the Wizards team. Crawford has been averaging thirteen plus points this season and could offer to fill the void in the Celtics team left by injured Rondo. Overall outcome? Boston wins, big time. The Celtics lose two expiring contracts for a talented guard who was unhappy in his team. This gives Crawford the chance to return to full form.

Knicks/Thunder Trade:
Oklahoma City Thunder hardly need a second round draft pick. So they turned it into small forward Ronnie Brewer from the New York Knicks. Basically it feels like the Knicks are clearing a roster spot with this trade. Then again, the Thunder aren’t exactly gaining that much. Brewer has experienced shooting woes which saw him transition from a starter to a bench player who has experienced very little playing time at all lately. Overall outcome? Thunder wins, but let’s not pretend this trade really matters that much.

Memphis/Heat Trade:
So the Grizzlies get Dexter Pittman and the Heat get… a second round pick? Really, Miami?! A team renowned for its small size just traded their twenty four year old back-up center? I get it, their fifteen man roster was full and they needed space, but seriously giving up the little size they had was a terrible move. Overall outcome? Grizzlies win. Expect Pittman to fit well with Gasol, and as if the Grizzlies needed more help this season in becoming a serious contender.

In other news, the Thunder traded Eric Maynor to Portland for a trade exception. The Hawks gave up Anthony Marrow in exchange for Dahntay Jones. The Bobcats pick up Josh McRoberts and the Magic gain Hakim Warrick. Boring, I know.

And that is the last word…

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