Jack'd Off At Matt Cooke's Mom (and her face!)


I hate Matt Cooke!  No, hate is not too strong a word here. He is a no good dirty cheap shot artist, and I don’t know why people are defending him on the Karlsson stomp.  Networks are defending him showing clips of other players lifting their leg going into the boards, but if you notice those other players don’t bring their foot down on the back of their adversary’s Achilles tendon.

Earlier on in the game, Cooke took a slap shot to the neck area and the camera shows him swearing in anger on the bench.  He is only thinking revenge on someone, you know that, and I know that.

Fast forward a bit.  I’m sure you’ve seen the incident ad nausea over the past 24+hours so let’s just avoid the set-up.  When Matt Cooke went into the boards, he knew exactly where his foot was, and where Karlsson’s leg was.  How do I know this where it seems no one else is quite sure?  Simple – why else would he put his foot inwards to catch balance?  It makes no sense, and physiologically, it doesn’t add up.  Rather, he wanted to dig his skate in!  I don’t think he tried to cut Karlsson’s Achilles tendon per se, but he still put his skate into his leg deliberately.

We all know that Cooke loves to do cheap shots.  We all remember the 2010 edition of Coaches Corner where Don Cherry shows the highlights of the idiot running around hurting people on purpose.  How many more people does this guy have to seriously injure before the league finally gets rid of him?  And perhaps even more infuriating is that now people actually defend him… come on!

He is very dirty hockey player, and will always play dirty hockey.  It’s time to get this guy out of the league once and for all.  Cooke some how escaped suspension from killing Marc Savard’s career, and now he will escape suspension again.  Remember this article next time he seriously injures somebody AGAIN!

Also, well done Chris Neil for going after the piece of garbage – wish it could have been eye for an eye though.


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  1. Wow! Amazing, due to some poor form on the site I had not visited the site since November, but WOW! I return to the site only to see top notch class like this and someone lay it down.

    Dear any foon who cannot skate or never played at a high level, Jack nails this article, If you watch Cooke and understand all he has ever done is play hockey, this in an intentional stomp! I understand driving the leg up, but nobody starts to drive that leg inverted towards the boards afterward, he meant to be a sh*tdisturber and rub dude’s leg, not to that extent but that’s what happened, WAY TO TELL IT LIKE IT IS JACK!

  2. Well, I’m not so sure that the bracketed part of the title, but I think you have the analysis of the incident bang on, Jack. It astounds me that this isn’t the conclusion of pretty much everyone who saw it, especially the former players. I don’t see how it can be explained any other way.

    I have to assume that those who should be in the know aren’t admitting it to avoid controversy, and in the league’s case, to avoid the tarnishing of the game, should it be accepted for what it truly was.