Memo to Hockey Fans after Game One


Night one of the NHL season is in the books, and there were many interesting results.  Unexpected results, pleasant and unpleasant surprises, blowouts, shutouts, upsets, favorites rolling, and surprising goal scorers.

That said, I look around message boards, twitter, and other places of social media and fans are overreacting.  So here it is…. my tongue in cheek advice to fans around the league after opening night.

Oh and no, I can’t explain how the picture above fits with this article… but shush and enjoy it, okay?

Memo to Red Wings Fans:  Don’t worry, you’ll get tickets to the Nick Lidstrom Hockey Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and have a chance to relive the good times.

Memo to St. Louis Fans:  Your team is very good, but we didn’t award them the cup last night. Chanting “we want the cup in game one? Stop it, you’re embarassing yourselves.

Memo to Habs fans:  Its a little early to start the Not Winnin’ for MacKinnon slogans, plus don’t forget that Kevin Lowe and Steve Tambellini have that number 1 pick locked down.

Memo to Leafs fans:  Ben Scrivens is not Johnny Bower.  Don’t plan the parade route.

Memo to Rangers fans: No, we don’t know when Yankees Pitchers and Catchers report for spring training, quit asking and enjoy Rick Nash.

Memo to Kings fans:  There is always the Lakers….. oh about that……

Memo to Coyotes fans: Please write us back, Greg Jamison wants to know if you are real or just dating Manti Te’o.

Memo to Vancouver fans:  Your season isn’t over, no need to riot.

Memo to Vancouver fans part 2: Please stop pretending that you were always behind Luongo and haven’t been asking for him to be traded for the last 8 months.

Memo to Senators fans:  Erik Karlsson isn’t scoring 48 goals and 48 assists… but he might come close.

Memo to Devils fans:  Remember you only played the Islanders, its like beating an AHL team.

Memo to Jets fans:  Hey at least you aren’t New York Jets fans, and Mark Sanchez/Tim Tebow are nowhere to be found.

Memo to Stars fans:  After the 4 point night, we saw you dancing naked to “Moves like Jagr” in your house last night.  Please close the blinds, no one wants to see that.

Memo to Flyers fans:  Take heart, at least you can’t blame the goaltending for this loss.

Memo to Blue Jackets fans:  Ah ****  it, you guys might as well over-react and celebrate being in first place.  You deserve any happiness you can get.

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photo credit: underactive via photopin cc