Nash Returns To Spark The Much Anticipated Lakers Comeback


Steve Nash has returned and the much anticipated Lakers comeback has begun. With injuries for both Pau Gasol and Steve Nash, the Lakers have been struggling to claw their way back to a .500 record. However, the return of Gasol has led the Lakers to three consecutive wins and Steve Nash’s exceptional performance yesterday against Golden State makes that four.

The Lakers certainly haven’t had the smooth running season everybody expected. But if the game against the Warriors is anything to go by, hope is far from lost. Nash played a consistent forty one minutes, suggesting not only is he ready to lead the point but also can handle it, considering his age. Bryant is scoring 30+ in all of his games and D’Antoni has figured out a successful solution to the Dwight and Gasol issues.

The Lakers have a lot of work to do, no doubt. Their next game against the New York Knicks is the real test. Without taking anything away from the 18-10 Warriors, they are not the challenge that the Knicks will be on Christmas Day. With the Lakers team finally at full strength, the match up against New York looks to be not only a spectacular game, but an opportunity for the Lakers to shut the mouths of every hater that has emerged this season.

If the Lakers are to become a dominant force in the NBA once again, their four game winning streak needs to continue. D’Antoni needs to focus on defense now that he has an offensively minded team and with Nash and Kobe running the show, points will flourish. My prediction, besides being a Lakers fan, is that the emotion surrounding the Lakers team at the moment will push them past the Amare-less Knicks.

And that is the last word…