Jack'd Off: Real Madrid Players Don't Like Rain


For once I think I’m not the only one a little Jack’d Off!

I’m talking about Wednesday night’s Real Madrid Copa Del Rey loss to Celta Vigo. Celta WHO???  Celta Vigo – what the hell is Celta Vigo?  Anyway’s thats not exactly the point I’m getting at.  Though the loss is, well, dumbfounding at best, it was the post-match comments from Jose Mourinho that borders on ridiculous.  And to be clear, it is the crux of the comments that have me Jack’d Off.

After the loss, Mourinho said that some of the players came to him prior to kickoff and said that they didn’t want to play in the match because “it’s cold and it’s raining.  It’s only a copa match.”   Wait, what?  You are a professional bloody athlete that is being paid an inordinate amount of money to play a 90 minute soccer game!  Get your ass out there!  You also get a 15-minute break after 45 minutes where you can dry off and put on a newly dried kit, and possibly partake in some milk and cookies if that suits you.

T0 save myself extreme embarrassment (if you’ve read my stuff before you’ll know I’m too late for that) I won’t even get into what I would do to make that kind of money just to play a soccer game in the cold rain.   And if the deplorable conditions weren’t enough (they do realize they are in Spain, right?  What would they say if they were in, say, Germany, or any other more northern clime?), they had the audacity to justify their six-year-old girl-like feelings by saying “It’s only a Copa match.”  Let me leave you with a little letter I hope finds its way back to Mourinho:

Dear Madrid Footballers,

You are 11 points back of Barcelona.  You only have Copa Del Rey and Champions League to play for.  Get your ass out in the rain and play!  What’s up with your team anyway? Earlier in the season we heard your poster boy, Cristiano Ronaldo, say “I am sad with the way things are going at Madrid.”  Oh, I’m so sorry for you (please note that I don’t know how to indicate sarcasm…).  Do you need a hanky?  Now we get these comments about a “Copa match”.   Have you seen your bank accounts lately?  To hear you whine, complain, and act like this JACK’S ME OFF, and I’d rather listen to Piers Morgan from his high chair whine about whatever he is whining about today!!!

Grow a pair,

Every football fan in the world other then RM fans

photo credit: Jan S0L0 via photopin cc