Jack'd off: The Bills in Toronto Series


You know what Jack’d me off this time? The Bills playing their annual “home” game in Toronto.

I was debating about going to the game this week until I found out it was in Toronto instead of Buffalo.  Why?  Well there are many reasons, some of which are football related, while most others are issues are atmosphere-related.

In Buffalo:  When the game is in Buffalo the police are incredibly lenient and care little even if you drink a beer right in front of them on the street.  This makes for a great tailgate.  I’m not suggesting that drinking in the streets alone makes my day complete, I’m just saying that the more laid back atmosphere as a whole does, and drinking in the streets just happens to be a perfect example of that.  To me the best part of the day is the tailgate party at the Ralph.  I also enjoy the drunken Americans from Tonawanda, Hamburg, Lockport and Cheektowaga that you can only get at the Ralph.  They give a good laugh and put up with my teasing – overall, they provide good entertainment and are great people.

In Toronto:  Conversely, in Toronto you don’t have the freedom of drinking beer in the streets – something about public displays of intoxication – blah blah.  This certainly puts a damper on the tailgating.   Again, not just the drinking in the streets, the atmosphere… stay with me.  There is also the lavish ticket prices and parking costs in Toronto, which for the same price would fetch you a small apartment in downtown Buffalo.

All and all when I go to an NFL game, I want to wake up at 7:00 am, start slamming some brews while I wait for my driver to show up (No, I don’t take turns – I don’t feel the need to offer to take a turn driving).  I like to get to Buffalo around 9:00 and find a variety store to buy my tailgating beer…unless I can convince my chauffeur to stop at the Duty Free.  I throw my steak on the Charcoal grill, and throw the pigskin around while slamming back a few more.  I chat it up with a few thousand other fans, and then enjoy my football game.

Photocredit: Wladyslaw, Wiki Commons


  1. Glad to hear you don’t take turns Jack it would be devastating if you are always drunk and drove hammered to a football game and risked the other parties in your cars life, the would be beyond stupid, I am glad to see you are looking out for everyone who goes with you. If you are a drunk, you should not drive. Glad to see someone taking responsibility these days. You truly are a class act, thanks for not driving and keeping the roads one car safer. Happy Holidays