NCAA Basketball Rant of the Week: John Calipari and the One and Done


Rant of the Week: Kentucky’s current recruiting model  John Calipari has been a very successful head coach in the NCAA for a long time.  You can’t argue with the success Coach Calipari has had since arriving at Kentucky in April 2009 (Elite Eight, Final Four, Champions). I am ecstatic that he has helped so many young players realize their dream of becoming NBA players.  After one year of college ball, there are superstar freshmen that should definitely declare for the NBA draft, and there is so much talent out there that the overall quality of NCAA basketball would still be at an all-time high.

BUT… There shouldn’t be 4+ freshman leaving any one program in a season, especially for multiple years in a row.  As a fan I want to have juniors and seniors on my team in addition to those outstanding freshman.  For every Kyrie Irving there should be a Kyle Singler or J.J. Redick.  For every Marvin Williams there should be Ty Lawson or Tyler Hansborough.  Players you can identify with, watch improve, see develop a passion for the school name on the front of the jersey.   If I were a Kentucky fan I would be disappointed with my program, a program steeped in tradition and history, simply becoming an NBA training camp every year.  And I am glad to see Kentucky fall out off the top 25 for the first time since Calipari arrived, and hopefully it’s a wake-up for Coach Cal to balance things out in future years.  Kentucky needs to get themselves out of the “one and done” system for nearly every big important player on their team, and have a longer term approach for some of their core.

… and that’s the last word.


photo credit: Tennessee Journalist via photopin cc