Manchester United Monthly Re-Cap


Dearest United fans,

October is over and as always it ends with bangers and mash full of craziness from our Red Devils! We went 4w 0d 1L in all competitions this time ’round, which I would say was a much more satisfying month then the past two.  Let’s review!

To remind you, I ended last month’s round-up with the October 2nd Champions League match in Romania.

October 7 @ Newcastle: Always tough to enter the gates of St. James’ Park, but not this time! United dominated the match 3-0 and Sir Alex planned accordingly.  Ferguson said he felt like United needed goals to win this one and started a very offensive line-up including Rooney, Van Persie, Kagawa and Welbeck… Goals came, but in a strange fashion, as it was United’s defense that did the scoring. Evans and Evra struck first and second before Cleverly notched his first premier goal in the 71st.  Shocking to see the Devils defense rise to the occasion.

October 20 vs Stoke City –  This was Wayne Rooney’s night.  Criticism was in the air as our famous furious goal scorer, Rooney, had still not scored a goal yet this season.  That ended early as he found the net 11 minutes in…. unfortunately it was the wrong net, as Rooney produced an own goal.  David De Gea had an astonished look on his face, staring down #10 as if he wanted to say something.  Smartly he decided to hold his tongue – the last thing we need is for our striker to beat our keeper senseless…that’s not good for anyone… Luckily the frustrated Rooney equalized next and eventually scored a second to seal the 4-2 victory.  At the same time he picked up his 200th goal in a Manchester United shirt, for which only five others in history can say the same.  (Bobby Carlton having the most, 249).

October 23 vs Braga – And to match three of the Champions League group stage we go.  United were set to face their toughest competition in the group in a young but talented Portuguese side that would relish a result at Old Trafford.  Well, it was Braga that drew first and second blood in just 20 minutes before Javier Hernandez in a rare start netted twice in the match and eventually helped United complete the comeback to a thrilling 3-2 victory.  As a Devils fan, I wasn’t impressed at all as once again it took another come-from-behind victory against a lesser squad outside of England.

October 28 @ Chelsea – In one of the more controversial matches I have seen in a long time, Chelsea were given two red cards, and United’s 3-2 winner came on an offside Hernandez goal.  I like the way United played and i think they showed strong.  All the cards and the offside goal were part of the game, but I can honestly say I feel United got the three points they deserved.  You would have had to watch the entire match if you want to comment, but that could open up a long discussion!

October 31 @ Chelsea – This time it was the Capital One Cup, which has no comparison as far as importance to the EPL match played just four days prior.  Although Chelsea showed they wanted to win badly by playing many first team players, they were rewarded with the result they wanted (but at what cost?). The Blues were given two penalties including one in the 94th that came on a last-ditch effort to tie, which they made good on. Both penalties were fairly called.  Either way United won the one that counted most and had another exciting return match with their reserves.

My thoughts:  A much better month for Manchester United, I  think they stepped it up a gear and the match at Old Trafford on Saturday is extremely important to prove they have finally found their form!

Glory, glory Man United


  1. Jack! you owe me a pair of jeans, I have urinated my pants laughing at your joke on the radio.

    When you stated if Van Persie wrote a book about his time at Arsenal it “wouldn’t have a title” was by far the best soccer joke a fellar has ever heard.

    No Title, cuz he never won a title at Arsenal. Caused me the ole’ Splatter Bladder.

    I went to Van Persie’s house to share the joke with him over a tea, but couldn’t because he had NO CUPS!


    Couldn’t even get a bite to eat, due to the lack of SILVERWARE….

    I asked him why he had no toilet and used an outhouse, he respond by saying he didn’t want to risk joining his old club again by going down the SH**TER…

    All of Manhattan is having a laugh! the best part is Jack, we all snuck into the public library to listen to you, and erupted in laughter and the whole library got cranky, until they heard the joke, now we are writing our lines hoping they satisfy you.

    Last one(word): What’s the difference between Jack Stone and Jack Wilshire?
    Jack Stone is a true Champion!


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