NHL Happy Hour: Lockout has me feeling Blue – Johnnie Walker Blue


So my girlfriend said that due to recent events over the weekend (house warming get-together) that she is not drinking again.  It’s not the first time she’s said that, either.  In fact, I would hazard a guess that you’ve all said the same at one time or another only to find yourself beer in hand while watching some hockey.  Am I right?

So this got me to thinking about my current state of mind and my general feelings towards the world, and my own statement over the weekend.  I said, “I will not be buying any season tickets next year if we lose another hockey year.” This sounds very familiar to something I said about seven years ago.

I am angry.  Bitter, sour and angry.

I am angry at the NHL and NHLPA for giving us another lock out. I certainly have written before about how I feel regarding this dispute, and my opinion on how the players have just as much right to get their fair share of the pie.  But only half a week into the lockout my level of annoyance is only deepening.  Hockey started to become increasingly important part of my life.  I am not only a fan – I also play as much as I can.  And if you’ve made this website a go-to stop on your daily browsing, you will already know I also enjoy writing about this precious sport as well.

The lockout ruins all of this. ALL OF IT.

To soothe my soul I am enjoying a neat glass of Johnnie Walker Blue. No, it’s not vodka, but we’ll allow it anyway.  The exceptionally smooth flavor that Blue Label provides is worth, sorry single malt snobs, every penny. It is a reminder of what alcohol sometimes should be.

It is a celebration of flavors that have been melted together into a drink that makes you appreciate the work that went into each sip  and reminds you that drinking has to be enjoyed and savored – not binged. This show is worth the price and than some.

I think the owners need to enjoy some Blue and remember that we have the best athletes in the world and have the best sport in the world. Our sport is as complex as any, with so many nuances and thrilling experiences, that you can run out of adjectives while describing it. It is why this game, due to HDTV that is able to capture and display all of them at once, has been growing extraordinarily.

It is a modern sport that embraces current technologies like no other. The latest tech and materials inside the new sticks rivals that of advanced carbon fiber body kits on supercars, the skates steel and the skate boot designed to be light and strong, and all of the equipment that is used to protect the players and goalies. These new technologies and the influx of younger players that invade this ageless game have managed to not push it from its deep traditions. The Stanley Cup, the handshake at the end of a best of seven playoff series, and the fighting, are some of the aspects that separate this game and give it character like no other, each ticket to see hockey on any pro-level is worth the price.

While I can enjoy this glass of Blue, a tiny sip or half of a glass at a time, I could easily gobble down hockey a pint at a time. I am addicted, and am not afraid to admit it. But it is one of the most wonderful addictions I could have, both to the whiskey and hockey. To me they are both very similar. I do not get to drink Johnnie Walker Blue Label everyday and thus I have to thoroughly enjoy it and value every sip. Hockey should not be savored. Hockey should be in abundance every year. I also know that I will be back and buying everything NHL will be selling me, because I miss it already.

I am a hockey fan.  I will buy those season tickets again, just as my girlfriend will undoubtedly have another “get-together” again some day.

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