MLB 2012 Playoff Bracket Predictions


We’ve made our predictions for the top players in the league (MVP Predictions and Cy Young Predictions), and now I think it’s time to take a look at what teams are going to round it out this season – as it is looking like this could come down to the wire!

American League:

AL East: I am pulling for the Orioles in this one. I think they go down as baseball’s Cinderella team as of late, and with the Yankees sitting at 3-7 in their last 10 and Baltimore at 7-3, I think they will lock this one up.

AL Central: I think I will go against the grain on this one and call the Tigers for the pennant in the AL Central. While the ChiSox currently have a slight two-game advantage, they haven’t really been that impressive lately – and Detroit has been known to play some clutch baseball.

AL West: I am pretty sure Texas has this one locked up. The Angels and A’s have both had impressive seasons, but the offensive powerhouse that is the Rangers has been un-catchable as of late in the West.

Wildcard Spots: It seems fairly certain that either Baltimore or New York is going to tie down one of the wildcard spots this season. My gut tells me that Oakland will take will take the second spot, but I don’t think anyone can discount the Angels right now given that they are 9-1 in their last 10. Let’s make it official – New York and Oakland.

National League:

NL East: I don’t think that anyone could have called this division at the start of the season. Philly seemed destined to take the penenant in 2012, but injuries have left them lethargic and well behind the leaders. Unless they completely fall apart, Washington has this one in the bag.

NL Central: How a division can change! Earlier in the season I would have told you that the Pirates or Brewers would be walking away with the division title, but Cincinnati has all but guaranteed the NL Central. Consistency always wins in the end.

NL West: The Giants were the early season favourite to win the division, and between now and the end of the season I don’t see anything on that front changing. The Dodgers could always turn it on and make a late season rally for the NL, but I truthfully don’t see it happening.

Wildcard Spots: Atlanta has one of the wildcard spots secured without a doubt. The second spot is a little less definitive it will likely come down to the Cardinals and the Dodgers, and I am going to give it to the Dodgers; St. Louis has been horrible as of late, and LA is still playing some consistent ball.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of close races still on the board here. The extra wild card spot makes things a little more interesting this season, as it gives teams not mentioned here (like Tampa Bay) something to fight for late in the season even if the division title is unattainable.

One thing is certain – everyone is going to be fighting until the very end of the season, as there is still a lot lose… except for maybe Cincinnati.

… and that is the last word.



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