Report: Lance Armstrong will not fight Doping charges


One of the most beloved American sports icons may have finally been exposed as a fraud, and could lose everything he has accomplished. Lance Armstrong is well-known for his dominance on the cycling circuit with seven Tour de France victories, however, for years rumours of banned substance use have hovered over the athlete. Up until today Armstrong has managed to keep his reputation unsullied.

In a 15-page letter submitted by the US Anti-Doping Agency in June it was revealed that formal charges were laid against the cyclist. A number of witnesses, both other riders and team personnel, have stepped forward to speak out against Armstrong for apparent “blood doping”. However, it doesn’t end there; data collected by the International Cycling Union backs up these claims stating that samples collected from Lance Armstrong are: “…fully consistent with blood manipulation” .

Today the Associated Press is reporting that Lance Armstrong will not challenge the report.  Essentially Armstrong is pleading no contest to the charges against him.  Its happened, the legacy of the greatest cyclist ever is coming crashing down.

Aside from the public embarrassment and loss of credibility, Armstrong could lose all of his titles collected over the last sixteen years including his 7 Tour de France titles.

Stay Tuned! Details to come!

… and that is the last word.