Tim Thomas: A shameful act, A shameful man.


Tim Thomas is at it again.  Exposing his politics for all the world to see, and this time its ugly.

Recently Chik-fil-A owner Dan Cathy made some very controversial remarks in speaking out against gay marriage.  His remarks have brought great controversy in the media and a fire storm of boycotts, political backlash, and even a lost business partner with the the Jim Henson Company pulling its toys from Chik-fil-a locations.  You can read more on the story here.

On Thursday, Tim Thomas posted a message proclaiming his support for Cathy’s homophobic and bigotted stance on his facebook page.  Thomas praised the stance of Cathy and even posted the following quote from Cathy “I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriag. I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we would have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is all about.

The bigotry here is astounding.  The belief that all citizens of America, even those who do not practice Christianity should be forced to live by the words of its bible is appalling.

As someone who was raised Catholic myself, I am appalled by the church’s stance on gay marriage and believe it goes against every single thing that Jesus tried to teach the world about Respect, Decency, Tolerance, and treating one’s neighbour as we would expect to be treated.  To believe that we have any right to stop two consenting adults from being married and from receiving the important legal rights and privileges that go along with it is the height of arrogance and bigotry.  The hypocrisy these faiths teach in their stance is sickening, and I hope one day their leaders WAKE UP!

Why do we take one line out of the bible and justify our bigotry against gays with it.   But ignore the 10,000 other pages that preach tolerance, respect, and treating your fellow man as an equal, and the way you would want to be treated?

That said we live in a multicultural society, of many religions, and even non religious people.   To believe our laws should be set by the tenets of any one faith is discriminatory and quite frankly reeks of medieval thinking.  To discriminate against someone based on that faith and their sexuality is absurd and goes against everything I stand for as a human being.

Hopefully one day we will look back on the discrimination against people who identify themselves as LGBT , the same way we look back at the discrimination against African Americans in the 60s, as a dirty, shameful, and hurtful part of our history, never to be repeated again.  Tim Thomas and Cam Janssen (for his comments a few weeks ago) deserve to go down in history remembered the same way as former Phillies Manager, Ben Chapman (who unleashed a racist diatribe at Jackie Robinson when he broke baseball’s colour barrier).

I ask all who read this, to boycott Chik-fil-a, and to boo Tim Thomas the next time he returns to an NHL rink, if ever.


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  1. Tim Thomas is a goalie for the Bruins, not your personal life coach, guru, or the president. Who cares what he thinks about gay marriage? If the guy at the Ramada check in desk told his neighbour he supported euthinasia, would you stay at the Best Western if you overheard him? TT isn’t collecting kiddie porn, or murdering senior citizens. What kind of country do you want to have? One where you can have an opinion? Or a state approved politically correct one?

    • Tim can have any opinion he wants. I’m not asking he be prevented from expressing his opinion.
      Funny thing about free speech though, I have the same rights to express my opinion that TT is a bigot and a moron.
      Living in a state where you can express an opinion, doesn’t mean that your opinion can never be challenged.

      As for why we care what he thinks, the guy is a public figure and a hero to many children. If he expresses a bigotted belief, I cant stop him, but I’m gonna call him out for it.

      As for the guy at Ramada check-in desk… thats not the same as the owner of chik-fil-a

    • Personally I would want a country where someone is not allowed to openly harass and demean a group of people. Saying these comments about homosexuals is the same as racism. It has no place in society.

      Also it wasn’t someone “checking in” it was the part owner. A little different.

  2. I don’t get how Thomas publishing his opinions against gay marriage is any more bigoted or arrogant than you publishing your opinions against Thomas’.

    bigoted |ˈbigətid|
    obstinately convinced of the superiority or correctness of one’s own opinions and prejudiced against those who hold different opinions : a bigoted group of reactionaries.
    • expressing or characterized by prejudice and intolerance : a thoughtless and bigoted article.

    Why attack this man? …and then you smirk and mock him about turning the other cheek. Oh boy…. humanity is confused and lost.

    • Tim Thomas is discriminating against a group of people for their sexual orientation and saying that they do not deserve to have the same rights and privileges as heterosexual couples. They do not get the opportunity to choose to be married merely because of their sexual orientation. That is bigotry against a group of people.

      My article is an attack on Tim Thomas and his opinions. What exactly am I supporting? I’m not asking Thomas lose any rights or privileges, or be treated differently than other people in society.

      If you don’t see the difference between supporting discrimination against gay marriage, and calling someone out on an idiotic statement… then I can’t help you.

      Why do I attack “this man”? Because as a public figure and hero to many I find his stance which supports discrimination against gay couples to be utterly repugnant and I’m gonna call him out for that opinion. He’s an idol and hero to many children, and if he spouts off and encourages discriminatory actions, I’m gonna voice the contrary opinion.

      As for the smirking and mocking him about turning the other cheek… I didn’t say that, another commenter did…. so don’t put that as my words, or what was written in the article.

      • You are asking Tim Thomas to be treated differently. He’s a public figure so you think he has to explain his thoughts and actions to everyone, that is treating him differently. If I posted the same thing on my Facebook page, you would never have written an article about it.

        I don’t agree with TT, and I don’t share his views. But when you write an article like this and then tell people to feel free to leave comments, I think you should try not to be so upset when people don’t agree with you.

        • You are free to leave whatever comments you want Shaun.

          But being criticized is something that every person who is in the public eye is subject to.

          If Tim Thomas doesn’t want his beliefs to be scrutinized he shouldn’t write them on his facebook page, and make that page public for the entire world to see. So no, he’s not being treated differently.

          Just like I am willing to publish your criticism on my own web page, I’m not upset about it, you are free to say whatever you like. If I respond, its not anger, its continuing discourse.

          I’m gonna tell you if I think you are wrong though.

  3. Sure, he has every right to say what he wants. I’m not stopping him from commenting on any issue.

    I have the right to voice my opinion that he’s a bigot and a moron. Thats how the right to voice an opinion works.

  4. Can you explain what is immoral about two consenting adults sharing their love and getting married?

    Somehow I doubt you can, I also doubt you are actually a gay person, your history of comments shows someone who is a troll, and your choice of names show someone who is trying to impersonate other posters from Hockey Inside Out.

    Thats why I have changed all the names you have chosen to Guest, as I do not believe the posters in question would make the types of comments you have attributed to them.

  5. There is definitely an extreme sensitivity in the gay community these days, not unlike the feminism movement of last century. By giving people like Tim T. all sorts of power and continuing to air every comment he made in response to an already controversial question is not exactly that kosher. You all have no right to judge anyone, yet are judging every person with opposing ideals.
    You lie if you say you haven’t done something equally bad or worse in your lives, likely more than once. The hypocrisy here is deafening: defending one and bashing another while preaching morals and equality and such. “Do as I say, not as I do.”
    These morals you carry on your high horses are double edged.
    Being gay is just having a differently wired brain, it’s not exactly ground breaking stuff. There is no need to be hateful against gays; nor, is there a need for everyone who has opinions opposing the gay lifestyle to be considered immediately homophibic or such, should a few people get their little feathers ruffled.
    If gays wanna be legally bound, then let them have their “civil unions”. Also, if non-gay couple wants a marriage, let them keep their own celebration which has been so for thousands of years by letting them keep their own marriage celebration. Forcing these people into the same boat as gays when they are not gay isn’t right.
    Sociologically, gay unions can be extremely positive in multiple ways. Bioligically, the the union makes little sense, simply because it’s not possible for men to bear children. It’s only fair to those who chose a “biologically normal” union to have, at least, term that has always been theirs.

    • Few things

      1) Tim Thomas has every right to say whatever he wants. No one is stopping him from that. He is not immune from criticism though. Just because you have a right to free speech doesn’t mean you are free from being bashed for it. I’m not trying to take away any of Tim Thomas’ rights. He’s trying to take away the rights of others… so your comparison fails.

      2) You talk of Civil Unions as being good enough for the gay community. That we shouldn’t force heterosexuals to have the same name for their partnership as the gay community. I say no! I say that, iF segregation taught us anything it is that Seperate but Equal, is not really equal at all. The only way to have equality is civilly recognized marriages.

      Note that no one is forcing the churches to perform these marriages, they can do what they want (just as they can refuse to marry any couple they want inside their church). http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2012/07/30/church-that-barred-black-wedding-affirms-commitment-to-equal-treatment/

      But the government and city halls should not be allowed to discriminate against them. The government should give them the same treatment. And a seperate name IS NOT the same treatment.

      3) You say that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they can not have children. What about heterosexual people who are unable to bear children for medical reasons? Should they be unable to marry? What about people who get married in their 50s or 60s, should these be banned? of course not.

      • Your lack of understanding language is amazing. *SIGH*

        1) You are putting words in my mouth and are obviously quite touchy on the subject. I never said anything about you taking away any of TT’s rights. I was speaking of people on these boards (such as yourself) judging others based on their own beliefs beating on them.

        2) I think it’s quite clear that gays are not the same as straight people. Why even have the nouns “male” and “female”, then? Black/White? Asian/American. Or why have different languages? We are all equal, as you say. Why have different laws in different countries? Why not just have the exact same laws and everything everywhere and we’ll all be happy losing all of our individualities as peoples. Why give seniors discounts when they’re older? Did ALL of them deserve this? Why differentiate anything at all??? We are all equal, you say.
        This is where hypocrisy rears its ugly head. I never said to take away either group’s rights. Only give one group what they want (the right to marry) AND be honest about what kind of relationship it is by giving it a proper name. Legally, I’m married, but by common-law. You don’t see my crying hurt that my marriage is different than someone who went to church or city hall to get married. This is all semantics for legal purposes, and people (mostly only gay people) get in such a fuss about trying to be the same as straight people, yet have these big extravagent gay parades that showcase pride and individuality and being DIFFERENT. See the irony, here? You probably won’t. Can you imagine if the Catholics had a parade like that in every city? I promise you, America would be up in arms so quickly the WW3 would be on its way. Clearly, this issue is more complicated than your mind can fathom. Maybe stick to commenting on easier subjects such as hockey, for now.
        3) Please quote where I said that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they can’t have children. Also, where is it posted that I want to ban the union of gays? Your entire 3rd point is invalid.
        4) The articles you link to are based one churches racial decisions. Very little to do with anything being talked about here.

        • 1) Tim Thomas can believe whatever he wants. Tim Thomas (and others) should be condemned when they use their beliefs to justify passing laws that are discriminatory against others.

          2) I’ve heard these justifications before. They were spouted by the same ignorant fools who in the 1960s decided that Blacks were not equal to whites… they were a lesser people because of some inordinate quality.

          And if you are common-law married, that is your OWN CHOICE. No one has stopped you and told you and your partner that you can not be married officially under the law. The two of you just need to mutually decide that is what you want to do.

          AS for the Parades, they continue, and will continue for as long as the gay community is made to feel that they are a lesser people by some members of the heterosexual community. The day that it is accepted and they don’t have to hear snide remarks, and don’t have to be discriminated against. The day a gay teenager can come out in high school and not fear the reaction of his peers. The day that gay athletes do not have to fear slurs and hate speech in the locker rooms and on the field of play. The day they are truly accepted as equals… well maybe that day you can go on a rant about how a pride parade isn’t necessary. But sadly, we aren’t at that day today.

          3) Conny… I quote your own post now…

          “Bioligically, the the union makes little sense, simply because it’s not possible for men to bear children. It’s only fair to those who chose a “biologically normal” union to have, at least, term that has always been theirs.”

          Care to apologize now? You did say that gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they do not have a biologically normal union.

          4) It is exactly what is talked about here…. 100%. It shows that a church can still choose who ever it does and doesn’t want to marry, even if that decision is made in a completely discriminatory way.

          The fact is this, no one is trying to force churches to recognize these marriages. All the majority of gay rights activitists ask for is to have the right to be married in the eyes of the law. Nothing more.

          They are not imposing their beliefs on others. Tell me why the religious among us should be allowed to impose their beliefs on all of society?

  6. I forgot to mention, calling people names is called bullying, Ben Kerr. It’s the reason gays have it as bad as they do. Congrats on keeping the bullying trend alive!

    • Oh well, how can I live with myself for calling people such horrible names?

      I sleep well at night knowing that the person I called a bigot, deserves to be called a bigot. As they say… if the shoe fits….

  7. I don’t watch hockey for the players’ political beliefs, I watch them for their athletic ability. All I have to say is, I don’t care if Thomas was the second coming of Hitler–that man can sure stop a puck.

    Go Timmy!


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