Juventus: Is it Scudetto 28 or 30?


It has been two weeks since the 2011-2012 Serie A season has ended, but ever since Week 37 when Juventus defeated Cagliari 2-0 to mathematically secure the Scudetto, there has been a lot of discussion with regards to the number of titles the Old Lady holds. Is it 28 or is it 30? For every ten titles, a star is added to the team’s jersey.

In 2006, Juventus won the Serie A crown for the 29th time in their history. But lo and behold, the scandal known as ‘Calciopoli’ broke out in which Juventus Director General Luciano Moggi, was found guilty of match-fixing. As a result, the Bianconeri were stripped of two Serie A titles which reduced their tally to 27 and were demoted to Serie B (the second division).

As a rabid Juventus supporter, much to the delight of jealous fans of the other Serie A teams, this was a bitter pill to swallow. Demotion meant the loss of funds, sponsors, Champions League action, and the sale of star players who did not want to remain. In other words: having to rebuild a dynasty from the ground up during a time of economic crisis.

It has taken Juventus six years, millions of dollars, and a massive overhaul of players and administrators to get back on top of the Italian league in order to add another cup to their cabinet – number 28. But the club, players, and fans feel that La Vecchia Signora deserves recognition for winning 30 domestic trophies. That said, Andrea Agnelli, the Juve president, is adamant of adding a third star to the jersey for next season. Gianluigi Buffon, the man who many regard as the world’s best goalkeeper, recently said in an interview that if anyone were to ask him how many titles he has won, he would reply that according to him, he has won five, but the league is only counting three.  The players, especially those who played in the Juve side of 2004-2005 and 2005-2006, feel that in their hearts they deserve recognition as Scudetto winners for those seasons having worked hard to win on the field.

On the other side of the fence is the Italian FA president, Giancarlo Abete, who states that Juventus will be forced to follow the proper protocol meaning that it is Scudetto number 28, not 30 and there will be no third star added at this point in time.

I would love nothing else but to see another star added to the Bianconeri chest. But in my opinion, I think it is more important to respect the rules of European football. It would have been 30 had Calciopoli never happened. Unfortunately, it did. In addition, considering that Juve was not expected to finish top four this season let alone top spot, I think we as Juve fans need to count our lucky stars and just accept that it is what it is. Let’s just enjoy the moment as Serie A champions and hope that the club successfully strengthens the team for next season to open another winning cycle and dynasty, and perhaps taste Champions League glory which has been missing since 1996. So in closing, sorry Juventus FC and fellow supporters of the Old Lady of Italian Football, but according to the record books, we only have 28 official Scudetti and not 30. In our hearts, we have 30, but one day, in the near future I hope, we will all see that third star sewn on.

…and that is the Last Word.

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  1. “It would have been 30 had Calciopoli never happened.”

    Woah… it would have been 30 if Juventus hadn’t been caught for their role in Calciopoli… thats the only thing we know for sure.

    There is no guarantee that they would have won those titles if it they hadn’t participated in the referee bribing. You can’t prove that they would have won those titles without cheating, so yes, they deserve to have them stripped.

  2. This is the stupidest thing in the world for a Juventus fan to say. I’d highly suggest you look into the Calciopoli case a lot more. Juventus was last summer proven to have never committed any Article 6 violations – the kind that can get you relegated. Inter, AC Milan and Livorno were proven in court to have committed these Article 6 violations. This verdict conveniently arrived a couple of weeks AFTER the statute of limitations, which prevents the two stolen scudetti from being returned by the FIGC. Juventus has taken the case to court on multiple fronts now.

    It is criminal for you to call yourself a Juventus fan and still blindly accept that the club cheated without even trying to find out what happened. What I wrote above is just the highlights of the case. Look into who made up the tribunal that relegated Juventus in 2006, and which club they were shareowners, future employees and business partners of. Look into every revelation that came out from this trial last summer, and then hopefully you will amend your article.

    • But, but, but… everyone else is doing it… is not a defence. Sorry.

      But the entire season was a farce and no one deserves to be named champion for those years.

      On top of that, proving that AC Milan, or Inter, or anyone else was also involved does NOT prove Juve’s innocence as you claim.

      Just because your neighbour stole, doesn’t mean stealing is any less of an offence if you do it too.

      Sorry but your comment here reeks of extreme bias.

    • Adi you have mentioned some vary valid arguments and I am well aware of last year’s tribunal. But I do believe that had all of which you mentioned above been discovered at the time of the Calciopoli trial, the outcome may have been a little different. I do also believe that other clubs were involved as well and I wish that they had received the same treatment as Juve at that time (AC Milan, Inter, Fiorentina, etc.). Unfortunately this time has passed. It is time to move on. The thing with me is that, I am proud to be a Juve fan but I call it as it is and that’s the way all sports fans should be. It is Scudetto number 28 and Juve have 2 stars, not 3.

      I also agree with Ben that there should not have been an assigned winner seeing that Inter was assigned the Scudetto for the 2006 campaign. The Nerazzurri should have that Scudetto removed from their record books.

      • I don’t follow.

        If those 171,000 “missing” wiretaps were available to the Inter-dominated judges tribunal in 2006, then who knows what would have happened. Perhaps they DID have that evidence, and just buried it, perhaps that’s why it came out just in time to exonerate Juventus AFTER the statute of limitations passed.

        Unfortunately, I don’t think you can call yourself a Juventus fan. I’m frankly pretty disgusted that you are willing to accept what other clubs tell you over your own club. If you were actually aware of last year’s tribunal, then you would know that the maximum sentence Juve should have faced was a 1-3 point penalty and a small fine. THAT is what happens to teams that violate Article 1 of the Italian sports justice law. Now, given that 18 of the 20 teams in Serie A did the exact same thing as Juventus in those years, and given that the contact between referee designators and club officials was initiated and encouraged BY said referee designators, then you’d also be aware that no matter whether all teams or no teams got points penalties, the table at the end of 2006 would look the same.

        It is not time to move on. Evidence of our innocence came out last year – it is time to press ahead and take back what is ours. This is a legal battle that will last the best part of 2-3 decades – and I’ll be sitting, and READING and LEARNING, not blindly accepting what has been told to me by fans of scumbag clubs that stole from us.

        To me, and every other Juve fan that actually loves the club, you are the kind of fan we hoped to lose in 2006.

        • There is no Statute of Limitations on the criminal matter involving Moggi and the charges of sporting fraud. The only Statute of Limitations is on Juve suing the FIGC. Yet despite this… the wire taps came out in the summer, were known to the court, and Moggi was still found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in Jail in November for “Sporting Fraud”.

          Re-read the paragraph above enough times, and your little “conspiracy theory” falls completely apart. 100% destroyed. Cause despite the so called missing evidence from the tribunal being revealed, the director of Juve is still convicted of sporting fraud, and still has a jail sentence hanging over his head today.

          Courts don’t use an excuse of “statute of limitations” when someone is convicted and there is new evidence out that exonerates him. The fact is those missing wiretaps do nothing to prove the innocence of Moggi and Juve. All they do is prove that Inter and other teams were also involved. Which is unfortunate, but two wrongs don’t make a right. Inter should be stripped of the title as well. But Inter’s cheating ways do not diminish the actions of the other teams.

          But you go all x-files on this thing and “want to believe” that Juve did no wrong in the scandal.

          As for who is or isn’t a fan…. Blindly defending your team no matter what doesn’t make you a fan, it just makes you an idiot.


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